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Femoral Lengthening by Ilizarov Technique: Results and Complications

Author(s): Altaf A. Kawoosa, Suhail Majid, Manzoor A. Halwai, Mohd. Ramzan Mir, G.R. Mir
Gaint Cell Tumour of Proximal Radius and Patella An Unusal sites of Presentation

Author(s): Naseer Ahmed Mir, Javeed Ahmed Bhat, Manzoor Ahmed Halwai*
Post-injection nerve injuries in Kashmir: A menace overlooked

Author(s): Shafaat Rashid Tak | Gh Nabi Dar | Manzoor Ahmad Halwai | Mohamad Ramzan Mir
Outcome Of Intra Articular Fractures Of Distal Humerus: Does Olecranon Osteotomy Affect The Outcome.

Author(s): Shafaat Rashid Tak*, Nabi Dar G*, Halwai M A** , Mir M R #, Kangoo K A**
'Damage control orthopaedics' in patients with delayed referral to a tertiary care center: experience from a place where Composite Trauma Centers do not exist

Author(s): Dhar Shabir | Bhat Masood | Mustafa Ajaz | Mir Mohammed | Butt Mohammed | Halwai Manzoor | Tabish Amin | Ali Murtaza | Hamid Arshiya
Partial resection of fibula in treatment of ununited tibial shaft fractures

Author(s): Butt Mohd Farooq | Mir B | Halwai M | Farooq Munir | Dhar S
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