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Diet across the Lifespan and the Association with Breast Density in Adulthood

Author(s): Jessica Lindgren | Joanne Dorgan | Jennifer Savage-Williams | Donna Coffman | Terryl Hartman
The effect of walnut intake on factors related to prostate and vascular health in older men

Author(s): Spaccarotella Kim | Kris-Etherton Penny | Stone William | Bagshaw Deborah | Fishell Valerie | West Sheila | Lawrence Frank | Hartman Terryl
The effects of moderate alcohol supplementation on estrone sulfate and DHEAS in postmenopausal women in a controlled feeding study

Author(s): Mahabir Somdat | Baer David | Johnson Laura | Dorgan Joanne | Campbell William | Brown Ellen | Hartman Terryl | Clevidence Beverly | Albanes Demetrius | Judd Joseph | Taylor Philip

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