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The time of diagnosis impacts surgical management but not the outcome of patients with gallbladder Carcinoma

Author(s): Löhe F | Meimarakis G | Schauer C | Angele M | Jauch KW | Schauer RJ
The dark side of the moon: Impact of moon phases on long-term survival, mortality and morbidity of surgery for lung cancer

Author(s): Kuehnl A | Herzog M | Schmidt M | Hornung H-M | Jauch K-W | Hatz RA | Graeb C
Surgical management of splenic echinococcal disease

Author(s): Meimarakis G | Grigolia G | Loehe F | Jauch KW | Schauer RJ
Does Targeted Education of Emergency Physicians Improve Their Comfort Level in Treating Psychiatric Patients?

Author(s): Reeta Marciano | Diana M. Mullis | Edward C Jauch | Christine M Carr | Larry Raney | Renee' H Martin | Brenda J Walker | Steven H Saef
Serum Levels of Biochemical Markers of Traumatic Brain Injury

Author(s): Keith Borg | Jordan Bonomo | Edward C. Jauch | Peter Kupchak | Eric B. Stanton | Bruce Sawadsky
Novel surgical technique for complete traumatic rupture of the pancreas: A case report

Author(s): Kreis Martin | Albertsmeier Markus | Graser Anno | Krenz Detlef | Jauch Karl-Walter | Thasler Wolfgang
Pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma in a 21-year-old male with metastatic hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer: Report of a case

Author(s): Schiergens Tobias | Khalil Philipe | Mayr Doris | Thasler Wolfgang | Angele Martin | Hatz Rudolf | Jauch Karl-Walter | Kleespies Axel
A prospective, randomised, controlled, double-blind phase I-II clinical trial on the safety of A-Part® Gel as adhesion prophylaxis after major abdominal surgery versus non-treated group

Author(s): Lang Reinhold | Baumann Petra | Jauch Karl-Walter | Schmoor Claudia | Weis Christine | Odermatt Erich | Knaebel Hanns-Peter
Description and evaluation of a bench porcine model for teaching surgical residents vascular anastomosis skills

Author(s): Khalil Philipe | Kleespies Axel | Rentsch Markus | Thasler Wolfgang | Jauch Karl-Walter | Bruns Christiane
Cancer Stem Cells in Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Qi Bao | Yue Zhao | Andrea Renner | Hanno Niess | Hendrik Seeliger | Karl-Walter Jauch | Christiane J. Bruns
A prospective randomised, open-labeled, trial comparing sirolimus-containing versus mTOR-inhibitor-free immunosuppression in patients undergoing liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Schnitzbauer Andreas | Zuelke Carl | Graeb Christian | Rochon Justine | Bilbao Itxarone | Burra Patrizia | de Jong Koert | Duvoux Christophe | Kneteman Norman | Adam Rene | Bechstein Wolf | Becker Thomas | Beckebaum Susanne | Chazouillères Olivier | Cillo Umberto | Colledan Michele | Fändrich Fred | Gugenheim Jean | Hauss Johann | Heise Michael | Hidalgo Ernest | Jamieson Neville | Königsrainer Alfred | Lamby Philipp | Lerut Jan | Mäkisalo Heikki | Margreiter Raimund | Mazzaferro Vincenzo | Mutzbauer Ingrid | Otto Gerd | Pageaux Georges-Philippe | Pinna Antonio | Pirenne Jacques | Rizell Magnus | Rossi Giorgio | Rostaing Lionel | Roy Andre | Turrion Victor | Schmidt Jan | Troisi Roberto | van Hoek Bart | Valente Umberto | Wolf Philippe | Wolters Heiner | Mirza Darius | Scholz Tim | Steininger Rudolf | Soderdahl Gunnar | Strasser Simone | Jauch Karl-Walter | Neuhaus Peter | Schlitt Hans | Geissler Edward
Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition from the German Society for Nutritional Medicine (DGEM) – Overview

Author(s): Koletzko, B. | Jauch, K. W. | Verwied-Jorky, S. | Krohn, K. | Mittal, R.
Introduction and methodology – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 1

Author(s): Koletzko, B. | Celik, I. | Jauch, K. W. | Koller, M. | Kopp, J. B. | Verwied-Jorky, S. | Mittal, R.
Carbohydrates – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 5

Author(s): Bolder, U. | Ebener, C. | Hauner, H. | Jauch, K. W. | Kreymann, G. | Ockenga, J. | Traeger, K. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Access technique and its problems in parenteral nutrition – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 9

Author(s): Jauch, K. W. | Schregel, W. | Stanga, Z. | Bischoff, S. C. | Braß, P. | Hartl, W. | Muehlebach, S. | Pscheidl, E. | Thul, P. | Volk, O. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Complications and Monitoring – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 11

Author(s): Hartl, W. H. | Jauch, K. W. | Parhofer, K. | Rittler, P. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Intensive medicine – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 14

Author(s): Kreymann, G. | Adolph, M. | Druml, W. | Jauch, K. W. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Surgery and transplantation – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 18

Author(s): Weimann, A. | Ebener, Ch. | Holland-Cunz, S. | Jauch, K. W. | Hausser, L. | Kemen, M. | Kraehenbuehl, L. | Kuse, E. R. | Laengle, F. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
Induction of anti-tumor immunity by trifunctional antibodies in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis

Author(s): Ströhlein Michael | Siegel Robert | Jäger Michael | Lindhofer Horst | Jauch Karl-Walter | Heiss Markus
Surgical smoke and ultrafine particles

Author(s): Brüske-Hohlfeld Irene | Preissler Gerhard | Jauch Karl-Walter | Pitz Mike | Nowak Dennis | Peters Annette | Wichmann H-Erich
Application of a haematopoetic progenitor cell-targeted adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector established by selection of an AAV random peptide library on a leukaemia cell line

Author(s): Stiefelhagen Marius | Sellner Leopold | Kleinschmidt Jürgen | Jauch Anna | Laufs Stephanie | Wenz Frederik | Zeller W Jens | Fruehauf Stefan | Veldwijk Marlon
Therapeutic T cells induce tumor-directed chemotaxis of innate immune cells through tumor-specific secretion of chemokines and stimulation of B16BL6 melanoma to secrete chemokines

Author(s): Winter Hauke | van den Engel Natasja | Rüttinger Dominik | Schmidt Jürgen | Schiller Matthias | Poehlein Christian | Löhe Florian | Fox Bernard | Jauch Karl-Walter | Hatz Rudolf | Hu Hong-Ming
Adjuvant therapeutic vaccination in patients with non-small cell lung cancer made lymphopenic and reconstituted with autologous PBMC: first clinical experience and evidence of an immune response

Author(s): Rüttinger Dominik | van den Engel Natasja | Winter Hauke | Schlemmer Marcus | Pohla Heike | Grützner Stefanie | Wagner Beate | Schendel Dolores | Fox Bernard | Jauch K-W | Hatz Rudolf
Computer aided analysis of additional chromosome aberrations in Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukaemia using a simplified computer readable cytogenetic notation

Author(s): Bradtke Jutta | Balz Harald | Fonatsch Christa | Heinze Barbara | Jauch Anna | Mohr Brigitte | Schoch Claudia | Rieder Harald
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