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The Relationship between Personality Type and Acceptable Noise Levels: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Cliff Franklin | Laura V. Johnson | Letitia White | Clay Franklin | Laura Smith-Olinde
NCCAM/NCI Phase 1 Study of Mistletoe Extract and Gemcitabine in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

Author(s): Patrick J. Mansky | Dawn B. Wallerstedt | Timothy S. Sannes | Jamie Stagl | Laura Lee Johnson | Marc R. Blackman | Jean L. Grem | Sandra M. Swain | Brian P. Monahan
Compensating for Language Deficits in Amnesia I: H.M.’s Spared Retrieval Categories

Author(s): Donald G. MacKay | Laura W. Johnson | Vedad Fazel | Lori E. James
Lessons learned obtaining informed consent in research with vulnerable populations in community health center settings

Author(s): Riden Heather E | Grooms Kya N | Clark Cheryl R | Cohen Laura R | Gagne Josh | Tovar Dora A | Ommerborn Mark J | Orton Piper S | Johnson Paula A
Morphometric measurements of dragonfly wings: the accuracy of pinned, scanned and detached measurement methods

Author(s): Patricia Backwell | Laura Johnson | Beth Mantle | Janet gardner
Evolution of Microbial “Streamer” Growths in an Acidic, Metal-Contaminated Stream Draining an Abandoned Underground Copper Mine

Author(s): Catherine M. Kay | Owen F. Rowe | Laura Rocchetti | Kris Coupland | Kevin B. Hallberg | D. Barrie Johnson
Two Case Reports of Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Infection in the Critical Care Unit

Author(s): Edgardo M. Flores Anticona | Hadeel Zainah | Daniel R. Ouellette | Laura E. Johnson
Using Participatory Scenarios to Stimulate Social Learning for Collaborative Sustainable Development

Author(s): Kris A. Johnson | Genya Dana | Nicholas R. Jordan | Kathy J. Draeger | Anne Kapuscinski | Laura K. Schmitt Olabisi | Peter B. Reich
Polyurethane Organosilicate Nanocomposites as Blood Compatible Coatings

Author(s): Johnson H. Y. Chung | Menno L. W. Knetsch | Leo H. Koole | Anne Simmons | Laura A. Poole-Warren
The Healthy Diabetes Plate

Author(s): Martha Raidl, PhD, RD | Kristina Spain, MS, RD | Rhea Lanting, MS | Marsha Lockard, MS | Shelly Johnson, MS | Marnie Spencer, MS, RD | Laura Sant, MS, RD | Julia Welch | Audrey Liddil, MS | Mimi Hartman-Cunningham, MA, RD, CDE
Novel Associations of Nonstructural Loci with Paraoxonase Activity

Author(s): Ellen E. Quillen | David L. Rainwater | Thomas D. Dyer | Melanie A. Carless | Joanne E. Curran | Matthew P. Johnson | Harald H. H. Göring | Shelley A. Cole | Sue Rutherford | Jean W. MacCluer | Eric K. Moses | John Blangero | Laura Almasy | Michael C. Mahaney
Use of syndromic surveillance in decision making during the H1N1 pandemic in Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Anna Chu | Rachel Savage | Natasha S. Crowcroft | Laura C. Rosella | Donald J. Willison | Ian Johnson
Assessing secondary attack rates among household contacts at the beginning of the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in Ontario, Canada, April-June 2009: A prospective, observational study

Author(s): Savage Rachel | Whelan Michael | Johnson Ian | Rea Elizabeth | LaFreniere Marie | Rosella Laura | Lam Freda | Badiani Tina | Winter Anne-Luise | Carr Deborah | Frenette Crystal | Horn Maureen | Dooling Kathleen | Varia Monali | Holt Anne-Marie | Sunil Vidya | Grift Catherine | Paget Eleanor | King Michael | Barbaro John | Crowcroft Natasha
Toxoplasmosis in a patient who was immunocompetent: a case report

Author(s): Taila Aneta | Hingwe Ameet | Johnson Laura
Phenothiazine-mediated rescue of cognition in tau transgenic mice requires neuroprotection and reduced soluble tau burden

Author(s): O'Leary John | Li Qingyou | Marinec Paul | Blair Laura | Congdon Erin | Johnson Amelia | Jinwal Umesh | Koren John | Jones Jeffrey | Kraft Clara | Peters Melinda | Abisambra Jose | Duff Karen | Weeber Edwin | Gestwicki Jason | Dickey Chad
Nanoparticles in Sentinel Lymph Node Assessment in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Laura Johnson | Geoff Charles-Edwards | Michael Douek
LPS- induced inflammation exacerbates phospho-tau pathology in rTg4510 mice

Author(s): Lee Daniel | Rizer Justin | Selenica Maj-Linda | Reid Patrick | Kraft Clara | Johnson Amelia | Blair Laura | Gordon Marcia | Dickey Chad | Morgan Dave
Using Scenario Visioning and Participatory System Dynamics Modeling to Investigate the Future: Lessons from Minnesota 2050

Author(s): Laura K. Schmitt Olabisi | Anne R. Kapuscinski | Kris A. Johnson | Peter B. Reich | Brian Stenquist | Kathryn J. Draeger
Transcriptomic epidemiology of smoking: the effect of smoking on gene expression in lymphocytes

Author(s): Charlesworth Jac | Curran Joanne | Johnson Matthew | Göring Harald | Dyer Thomas | Diego Vincent | Kent Jack | Mahaney Michael | Almasy Laura | MacCluer Jean | Moses Eric | Blangero John
Let the sun shine in: effects of ultraviolet radiation on invasive pneumococcal disease risk in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Author(s): White Alexander | Ng Victoria | Spain C Victor | Johnson Caroline | Kinlin Laura | Fisman David
Characterization of biofilm matrix, degradation by DNase treatment and evidence of capsule downregulation in Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates

Author(s): Hall-Stoodley Luanne | Nistico Laura | Sambanthamoorthy Karthik | Dice Bethany | Nguyen Duc | Mershon William | Johnson Candice | Ze Hu Fen | Stoodley Paul | Ehrlich Garth | Post J Christopher
The genome of Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449: insights into the evolution of a fish pathogen

Author(s): Reith Michael | Singh Rama | Curtis Bruce | Boyd Jessica | Bouevitch Anne | Kimball Jennifer | Munholland Janet | Murphy Colleen | Sarty Darren | Williams Jason | Nash John | Johnson Stewart | Brown Laura
A quasi-experimental test of an intervention to increase the use of thiazide-based treatment regimens for people with hypertension

Author(s): Ashton Carol | Khan Myrna | Johnson Michael | Walder Annette | Stanberry Elizabeth | Beyth Rebecca | Collins Tracie | Gordon Howard | Haidet Paul | Kimmel Barbara | Kolpakchi Anna | Lu Lee | Naik Aanand | Petersen Laura | Singh Hardeep | Wray Nelda
Body Mass Index, percent body fat, and regional body fat distribution in relation to leptin concentrations in healthy, non-smoking postmenopausal women in a feeding study

Author(s): Mahabir Somdat | Baer David | Johnson Laura | Roth Mark | Campbell William | Clevidence Beverly | Taylor Philip
The sustainability of telework: an ecological-footprinting approach

Author(s): Markus Moos | Jean Andrey | Laura C. Johnson
Un sitio precerámico de Huarmey (PV35-6) antes de la introducción del maíz

Author(s): Bonavia, Duccio | Johnson W., Laura | Reitz, Elizabeth | Wing, Elizabeth | Weir H., Glendon
Matrix attachment regions as targets for retroviral integration

Author(s): Johnson Chassidy | Levy Laura
The effects of moderate alcohol supplementation on estrone sulfate and DHEAS in postmenopausal women in a controlled feeding study

Author(s): Mahabir Somdat | Baer David | Johnson Laura | Dorgan Joanne | Campbell William | Brown Ellen | Hartman Terryl | Clevidence Beverly | Albanes Demetrius | Judd Joseph | Taylor Philip
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