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Clinical, microbiological and radiographic considerations observed around dental implants

Author(s): Fabiana Amaral Chiapinotto | Cassiano Kuchenbeker Rösing | Geraldo Augusto Chiapinotto | Josué Martos
Hypercementosis: a challenge for endodontic therapy

Author(s): Fernanda Geraldes Pappen | Cecilia Definski Fagonde | Josué Martos | Luiz Fernando Machado Silveira
Internal root resorption in the maxillary central incisor

Author(s): Josué MARTOS | Luiz Fernando Machado SILVEIRA | Jaqueline de Moraes SOUZA | Mozara Mignoni VIEIRA | Carina Folgearini SILVEIRA
Induction of gingival hyperplasia associated with the use of calcium channel blockers

Author(s): Daniela Fernandes de SOUZA | Geraldo Augusto CHIAPINOTTO | Josué MARTOS
Hydrolytic degradation of composite resins: effects on the microhardness

Author(s): Martos Josué | Osinaga Prudêncio Willy Rodo | Oliveira Elisabeth de | Castro Luis Antônio Suita de
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