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Router Dual IPv4/IPv6: una transición hacia las Redes IPv6

Author(s): Marco Hernu00E1ndez | Cu00E9sar Acevedo | Cu00E9sar Berdeja | Keith Peu00F1a
Lipoma bucal: relato de dois casos

Author(s): Alexandre Keith Tateyama | Juliana Martins Rossi | Marco Antonio Trevizani Martins | Sandra Kalil Bussadori | Kristianne Porta Santos Fernandes | Josu00E9 Benedito Dias Lemos | Manoela Domingues Martins
Al2O3 Disk Supported Si3N4 Hydrogen Purification Membrane for Low Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

Author(s): Xiaoteng Liu | Paul A. Christensen | Stephen M. Kelly | Vincent Rocher | Keith Scott
Systematic review of the dry powder inhalers colistimethate sodium and tobramycin in cystic fibrosis

Author(s): Lesley Uttley | Sue Harnan | Anna Cantrell | Chris Taylor | Martin Walshaw | Keith Brownlee | Paul Tappenden
Affinity chromatography and capillary electrophoresis for analysis of the yeast ribosomal proteins

Author(s): Miriam S. Goyder | Keith R. Willison | David R. Klug | Andrew J. deMello | Oscar Ces
Role of the Microbiota and Antibiotics in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Author(s): James H. Tabibian | Jayant A. Talwalkar | Keith D. Lindor
Anti-Biofilm Performance of Three Natural Products against Initial Bacterial Attachment

Author(s): Maria Salta | Julian A. Wharton | Simon P. Dennington | Paul Stoodley | Keith R. Stokes
Bacterial Contamination of Iranian Paper Currency

Author(s): Mir-Hassan Moosavy | Nassim Shavisi | Keith Warriner | Ehsan Mostafavi
The Role of DNA Methylation in the Development and Progression of Lung Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Keith M. Kerr | Janice S. Galler | Jeffrey A. Hagen | Peter W. Laird | Ite A. Laird-Offringa
Functional phosphoproteomics for current immunology research

Author(s): Elena López | Rune Matthiesen | Isabel López | Keith Ashman | Jesús Mendieta | Jan-Jaap Wesselink | Paulino Gómez-Puertas | Antonio Ferreira
Ponderosa Pine Seed Source Test in Nebraska in the Central Great Plains of the United States

Author(s): Wayne A. Geyer | Keith D. Lynch | Peter Schaefer | William R. Lovette
Microbial communities in Cerrado soils under native vegetation subjected to prescribed fire and under pasture Comunidades microbianas de solos de Cerrado sob vegetação nativa sujeita a queimadas prescritas e sob pastagem

Author(s): Laura Tillmann Viana | Mercedes Maria da Cunha Bustamante | Marirosa Molina | Alexandre de Siqueira Pinto | Keith Kisselle | Richard Zepp | Roger A Burke
The zinc finger protein TcZFP2 binds target mRNAs enriched during Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclogenesis

Author(s): Patricia Alves Mörking | Rita de Cássia Pontello Rampazzo | Pegine Walrad | Christian Macagnan Probst | Maurilio José Soares | Daniela Fiori Gradia | Daniela Parada Pavoni | Marco Aurélio Krieger | Keith Matthews | Samuel Goldenberg | Stenio Perdigão Fragoso | Bruno Dallagiovanna
Estimating large complex projects Estimando proyectos grandes y complejos

Author(s): Cliff Schexnayder | Keith Molenaar | Jennifer Shane
On the Class of Dominant and Subordinate Products

Author(s): Alexander Berkovich | Keith Grizzell
eClinics Integration Techniques for Clinical Information Systems Moving in to a National Network

Author(s): Dinusha Vatsalan | Shiromi Arunatilake | Keith Chapman | Saatviga Sudhahar | Chamal Abeywardhana

Author(s): Martin A. Hubbe, | Keith R. Beck, W. Gilbert O'Neal, | Yogesh Ch. Sharma
Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of iCampuses

Author(s): Andrew Thomas | Hanifa Shah | Philip Moore | Cain Evans | Mak Sharma | Sarah Mount | Hai V. Pham | Keith Osman | Anthony J. Wilcox | Peter Rayson | Craig Chapman | Parmjit Chima | Cham Athwal | David While
Engagement in HIV Medical Care and Technology Use among Stimulant-Using and Nonstimulant-Using Men who have Sex with Men

Author(s): Keith J. Horvath | Adam W. Carrico | Jane Simoni | Edward W. Boyer | K. Rivet Amico | Andy E. Petroll
Managing Collaborative Synergy in the Crane Industry

Author(s): Keith Ng Y. N. (Ng, K.) Ph.D.
Implications of the persistent trigeminal artery

Author(s): Alcalá-Cerra Gabriel | Gutiérrez-Paternina Juan José | Moscote-Salazar Luis Rafael | Castellar-Leones Sandra | Suárez-Jaramillo Keith | Niño-Hernández Lucía Mercedes
Human papillomavirus-associated cancers as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome defining illnesses

Author(s): Keith J. Falter II | Marina Frimer | Dan Lavy | Robert Samuelson | Shohreh Shahabi
A Sensitivity Study of the Validation of Three Regulatory Dispersion Models

Author(s): Keith D.   Harsham | Michael Bennett
Endothelial Activation Microparticles and Inflammation Status Improve with Exercise Training in African Americans

Author(s): Dianne M. Babbitt | Keith M. Diaz | Deborah L. Feairheller | Kathleen M. Sturgeon | Amanda M. Perkins | Praveen Veerabhadrappa | Sheara T. Williamson | Jan Kretzschmar | Chenyi Ling | Hojun Lee | Heather Grimm | Sunny R. Thakkar | Deborah L. Crabbe | Mohammed A. Kashem | Michael D. Brown
Glucocorticoid-Induced TNFR-Related Protein Stimulation Reverses Cardiac Allograft Acceptance Induced by CD40-CD40L Blockade

Author(s): Kenneth T. Krill | Keri Csencsits-Smith | Sherri C. Wood | Susan Faust | Guanyi Lu | D. Keith Bishop
Comparison of Conventional Polyethylene Wear and Signs of Cup Failure in Two Similar Total Hip Designs

Author(s): Thomas B. Pace | Kevin C. Keith | Estefania Alvarez | Rebecca G. Snider | Stephanie L. Tanner | John D. DesJardins
Bacterial Growth Kinetics under a Novel Flexible Methacrylate Dressing Serving as a Drug Delivery Vehicle for Antiseptics

Author(s): Christina Forstner | Johannes Leitgeb | Rupert Schuster | Verena Dosch | Axel Kramer | Keith F. Cutting | David J. Leaper | Ojan Assadian
Biodiversity Indicators Show Climate Change Will Alter Vegetation in Parks and Protected Areas

Author(s): Keith R. Holmes | Trisalyn A. Nelson | Nicholas C. Coops | Michael A. Wulder
A non-cardiomyocyte autonomous mechanism of cardioprotection involving the SLO1 BK channel

Author(s): Andrew P. Wojtovich | Sergiy M. Nadtochiy | William R. Urciuoli | Charles O. Smith | Morten Grunnet | Keith Nehrke | Paul S. Brookes
Significant changes in the skin microbiome mediated by the sport of roller derby

Author(s): James F. Meadow | Ashley C. Bateman | Keith M. Herkert | Timothy K. O’Connor | Jessica L. Green
Laser light visual cueing for freezing of gait in Parkinson disease: A pilot study with male participants

Author(s): Lisette Bunting-Perry, PhD, RN | Meredith Spindler, MD | Keith M. Robinson, MD | Joseph Noorigian, MPH | Heather J. Cianci, PT, MS, GCS | John E. Duda, MD
Friendship in Plato’s Lysis

Author(s): Keith Doubt and Michael Sauder
Implanted neuroprosthesis for assisting arm and hand function after stroke: A case study

Author(s): Jayme S. Knutson, PhD | John Chae, MD | Ronald L. Hart, MS | Michael W. Keith, MD | Harry A. Hoyen, MD | Mary Y. Harley, OTR/L | Terri Z. Hisel, OTR/L | Anne M. Bryden, OTR/L | Kevin L. Kilgore, PhD | Hunter Peckham, PhD

Author(s): Keith Sato Urbinati | Marcelo Romanovicht Ribas | Julio Cesar Bassan
Sustainable Development and Airport Surface Access: The Role of Technological Innovation and Behavioral Change

Author(s): Tim Ryley | Jaafar Elmirghani | Tom Budd | Chikage Miyoshi | Keith Mason | Richard Moxon | Imad Ahmed | Bilal Qazi | Alberto Zanni
Characterization and Mineralization Rates of Low Temperature Peanut Hull and Pine Chip Biochars

Author(s): Keith Harris | Julia Gaskin | Miguel Cabrera | William Miller | K.C. Das
Regulation, Knowledge Transfer, and Forestry Policy Implementation: Different Strokes for Different Folks?

Author(s): Roje S. Gootee | Edward P. Weber | Keith Blatner | Matt Carroll | David Baumgartner
Esophageal lichen planus: A case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Jennifer A Nielsen | Robert M Law | Keith H Fiman | Cory A Roberts
The structures of four triterpenoid saponins isolated from the seed of Trifolium incarnatum

Author(s): Marian Jurzysta | Keith Price | Caralyn Ridout | Roger Fenwick
Apple phenolics and their contribution to enzymatic browning reactions

Author(s): Wiesław Oleszek | Chang Y. Lee | Keith R. Price
On the mechanism of action of gated molecular baskets: The synchronicity of the revolving motion of gates and in/out trafficking of guests

Author(s): Keith Hermann | Stephen Rieth | Hashem A. Taha | Bao-Yu Wang | Christopher M. Hadad | Jovica D. Badjić
Utility of Phosphorus Enhancers and Strip-Tillage for Corn Production

Author(s): Christopher J. Dudenhoeffer | Kelly A. Nelson | Peter P. Motavalli | Bruce Burdick | David Dunn | Keith W. Goyne
High Pressure Oxydesulphurisation of Coal—A Parametric Study

Author(s): Moinuddin Ghauri | Abrar Inayat | Muhammad Tariq Bashir | Salmiaton B. Ali | Keith R. Cliffe
A Case Study: A Leader's Commitment to Transparency and Accountability through a Serious Reportable Event

Author(s): Jeanette Ives Erickson | Marianne Ditomassi | Theresa Gallivan | Keith Perleberg | Mary Jane Costa
Investigating the Source of Planck-Detected AME: High-Resolution Observations at 15 GHz

Author(s): Yvette C. Perrott | Anna M. M. Scaife | Natasha Hurley-Walker | Keith J. B. Grainge
Multi-disciplinary Peer-mark Moderation of Group Work

Author(s): Peter Willmot | Keith Pond
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Substituted Ethyl 2-(Quinolin-4-yl)-propanoates

Author(s): M. Akram Khan | Keith Miller | Kim Drummond Rainsford | Yong Zhou
MeCP2 modulates gene expression pathways in astrocytes

Author(s): Yasui Dag H | Xu Huichun | Dunaway Keith W | LaSalle Janine M | Jin Lee-Way | Maezawa Izumi
Male gender predicts mortality in a large cohort of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Uganda

Author(s): Mills Edward J | Bakanda Celestin | Birungi Josephine | Chan Keith | Hogg Robert S | Ford Nathan | Nachega Jean B | Cooper Curtis L
Determinants of Treatment Access in a Population-based Cohort of HIV-positive Men and Women Living in Argentina

Author(s): Zala Carlos | Rustad Clare A | Chan Keith | Khan Nabeela I | Beltran Marcelo | Warley Eduardo | Ceriotto Mariana | Druyts Eric F | Hogg Robert S | Montaner Julio | Cahn Pedro
Biomechanical assessment of the rheumatoid foot

Author(s): Rome Keith | Hendry Gordon
Reliability of the TekScan MatScan® system for the measurement of postural stability in older people with rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Brenton-Rule Angela | Mattock Joshua | Carroll Matthew | Dalbeth Nicola | Bassett Sandra | Menz Hylton B | Rome Keith
Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging of the plantar forefoot in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: inter-observer agreement between a podiatrist and a radiologist

Author(s): Bowen Catherine J | Dewbury Keith | Sampson Madeline | Sawyer Sally | Burridge Jane | Edwards Christopher J | Arden Nigel K
FGFR-1 amplification in metastatic lymph-nodal and haematogenous lobular breast carcinoma

Author(s): Brunello Eleonora | Brunelli Matteo | Bogina Giuseppe | Caliò Anna | Manfrin Erminia | Nottegar Alessia | Vergine Marco | Molino Annamaria | Bria Emilio | Massari Francesco | Tortora Giampaolo | Cingarlini Sara | Pedron Serena | Chilosi Marco | Zamboni Giuseppe | Miller Keith | Martignoni Guido | Bonetti Franco
Myc and Miz-1 have coordinate genomic functions including targeting Hox genes in human embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Varlakhanova Natalia | Cotterman Rebecca | Bradnam Keith | Korf Ian | Knoepfler Paul S
Associations of passerine birds, rabbits, and ticks with Borrelia miyamotoi and Borrelia andersonii in Michigan, U.S.A.

Author(s): Hamer Sarah A | Hickling Graham J | Keith Rich | Sidge Jennifer L | Walker Edward D | Tsao Jean I
The health informatics cohort enhancement project (HICE): using routinely collected primary care data to identify people with a lifetime diagnosis of psychotic disorder

Author(s): Economou Alexis | Grey Michelle | McGregor Joanna | Craddock Nick | Lyons Ronan A | Owen Michael J | Price Vaughn | Thomson Sue | Walters James TR | Lloyd Keith
Demonstration of early functional compromise of bone marrow derived hematopoietic progenitor cells during bovine neonatal pancytopenia through in vitro culture of bone marrow biopsies

Author(s): Laming Eleanor | Melzi Eleonora | Scholes Sandra FE | Connelly Maira | Bell Charlotte R | Ballingall Keith T | Dagleish Mark P | Rocchi Mara S | Willoughby Kim
Identification of suitable endogenous control genes for microRNA expression profiling of childhood medulloblastoma and human neural stem cells

Author(s): Genovesi Laura A | Anderson Denise | Carter Kim W | Giles Keith M | Dallas Peter B
Clostridium difficile infection in an Iranian hospital

Author(s): Jalali Mohammad | Khorvash Farzin | Warriner Keith | Weese J
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