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Cooking practices, air quality, and the acceptability of advanced cookstoves in Haryana, India: an exploratory study to inform large-scale interventions

Author(s): Rupak Mukhopadhyay | Sankar Sambandam | Ajay Pillarisetti | Darby Jack | Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay | Kalpana Balakrishnan | Mayur Vaswani | Michael N. Bates | Patrick L. Kinney | Narendra Arora | Kirk R. Smith
Air pollution from household solid fuel combustion in India: an overview of exposure and health related information to inform health research priorities

Author(s): Kalpana Balakrishnan | Padmavathi Ramaswamy | Sankar Sambandam | Gurusamy Thangavel | Santu Ghosh | Priscilla Johnson | Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay | Vidhya Venugopal | Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan
Case studies on heat stress related perceptions in different industrial sectors in southern India

Author(s): Kalpana Balakrishnan | Ayyappan Ramalingam | Venkatesan Dasu | Jeremiah Chinnadurai Stephen | Mohan Raj Sivaperumal | Deepan Kumarasamy | Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay | Santu Ghosh | Sankar Sambandam
Evaluation of registered visually disabled individuals in a district of West Bengal, India

Author(s): Ghosh Sambuddha | Mukhopadhyay Subhalakshmi | Sarkar Krishnendu | Bandyopadhyay Manas | Maji Dipankar | Bhaduri Gautam
Myocilin mutation 1109 C>T (Pro 370 Leu) is the most common gene defect causing early onset primary open angle glaucoma

Author(s): Mukhopadhyay Arijit | Acharya Moulinath | Ray Jharna | Khan Mita | Sarkar Krishnendu | Banerjee Asit | Ray Kunal

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