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Estimation of flooded area in the Bahr El-Jebel basin using remote sensing techniques

Author(s): M. A. H. Shamseddin | T. Hata | A. Tada | M. A. Bashir | T. Tanakamaru
Recent reduction in the water level of Lake Victoria has created more habitats for Anopheles funestus

Author(s): Minakawa Noboru | Sonye Gorge | Dida Gabriel | Futami Kyoko | Kaneko Satoshi
Ecology of Edible Indigenous Mushrooms of the Lake Victoria Basin (Uganda)

Author(s): A.P.O. Engola | G. Eilu | J.D. Kabasa | L. Kisovi | P.K.T. Munishi | D. Olila
Observed and simulated hydroclimatology using distributed hydrologic model from in-situ and multi-satellite remote sensing datasets in Lake Victoria region in East Africa

Author(s): S. I. Khan | P. Adhikari | Y. Hong | H. Vergara | T. Grout | R. F. Adler | F. Policelli | D. Irwin | T. Korme | L. Okello
Hydroclimatology of Lake Victoria region using hydrologic model and satellite remote sensing data

Author(s): S. I. Khan | P. Adhikari | Y. Hong | H. Vergara | R. F Adler | F. Policelli | D. Irwin | T. Korme | L. Okello
Hydrologic analysis for river Nyando using SWAT

Author(s): A. O. Opere | B. N. Okello
Models for Predicting Stem Diameter from Crown Diameter of Open Grown Trees in Sondu-Nyando River Catchment, Kenya

Author(s): J.M. Mugo | J.T. Njunge, R.E. Malimbwi, B.N. Kigomo, B.N. Mwasi and M.N. Muchiri
A longitudinal study on Anopheles mosquito larval abundance in distinct geographical and environmental settings in western Kenya

Author(s): Imbahale Susan | Paaijmans Krijn | Mukabana Wolfgang | van Lammeren Ron | Githeko Andrew | Takken Willem
Pitting of malaria parasites and spherocyte formation

Author(s): Anyona Samuel | Schrier Stanley | Gichuki Charity | Waitumbi John
Assessment of Zn, Cu, Pb and Ni contamination in wetland soils and plants in the lake basin

Author(s): G. Nabulo | H. Oryem Origa | G. W. Nasinyama | D. Cole

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