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A Novel Antibacterial Dental Resin Composite

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Voon J. Chong | Leah Howard | Ruijie Huang | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
Synthesis and evaluation of a novel antibacterial dental resin composite with quaternary ammonium salts

Author(s): Yiming Weng | Xia Guo | Voon Joe Chong | Leah Howard | Richard L. Gregory | Dong Xie
Evaluation of self-reported ethnicity in a case-control population: the stroke prevention in young women study

Author(s): Mez Jesse | Cole John | Howard Timothy | MacClellan Leah | Stine Oscar | O'Connell Jeffery | Wozniak Marcella | Stern Barney | Sorkin John | Mitchell Braxton | Kittner Steven

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