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R-CHOP regimen can significantly decrease the risk of disease relapse and progression in patients with non-germinal center B-cell subtype diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Author(s): Xiao-Hui He | Bo Li | Sheng Yang | Ning Lu | Xun Zhang | Shuang-Mei Zou | Ye-Xiong Li | Yong-Wen Song | Shan Zheng | Mei Dong | Sheng-Yu Zhou | Jian-Liang Yang | Peng Liu | Chang-Gong Zhang | Yan Qin
Efficacy of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation versus conventional chemotherapy on anaplastic large-cell lymphoma:a retrospective study of 64 patients from a single center

Author(s): Xiao-Hui He | Bo Li | Shuang-Mei Zou | Mei Dong | Sheng-Yu Zhou | Jian-Liang Yang | Li-Yan Xue | Sheng Yang | Peng Liu | Yan Qin | Chang-Gong Zhang | Xiao-Hong Han | Yuan-Kai Shi
Compatible solutes from hyperthermophiles improve the quality of DNA microarrays

Author(s): Mascellani Nicoletta | Liu Xiuping | Rossi Simona | Marchesini Jlenia | Valentini Davide | Arcelli Diego | Taccioli Cristian | Helmer Citterich Mauro | Liu Chang-Gong | Evangelisti Rita | Russo Giandomenico | Santos Jorge | Croce Carlo | Volinia Stefano
mRNA/microRNA gene expression profile in microsatellite unstable colorectal cancer

Author(s): Lanza Giovanni | Ferracin Manuela | GafĂ  Roberta | Veronese Angelo | Spizzo Riccardo | Pichiorri Flavia | Liu Chang-gong | Calin George | Croce Carlo | Negrini Massimo
Global gene expression profiling of cells overexpressing SMC3

Author(s): Ghiselli Giancarlo | Liu Chang-Gong
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