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Do frontal dysfunctions play a role in visual hallucinations in Alzheimer’s disease as in Parkinson’s disease? A comparative study

Author(s): Dario Grossi | Anna Carotenuto | Luigi Trojano | Valentino Manzo | Angiola Maria Fasanaro
Ile587Val Polymorphism of the eIF2B5 Gene as Susceptibility Factor for Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Carmine Ungaro | Francesca L. Conforti | Maria Trojano | Ida Manna | Virginia Andreoli | Francesca Condino | Paola Valentino | Antonio Gambardella | Aldo Quattrone | Rosalucia Mazzei
Changes in magnetic resonance imaging disease measures over 3 years in mildly disabled patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis receiving interferon β-1a in the COGnitive Impairment in MUltiple Sclerosis (COGIMUS) study

Author(s): Bastianello Stefano | Giugni Elisabetta | Amato Maria | Tola Maria-Rosalia | Trojano Maria | Galletti Stefano | Luccichenti Giacomo | Quarantelli Mario | Picconi Orietta | Patti Francesco
Review of interferon beta-1b in the treatment of early and relapsing multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Damiano Paolicelli | Vita Direnzo | Maria Trojano

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