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Environmental Health Problems and Indicators in Tabriz, Iran

Author(s): Mohammad Ghanbari Ghozikali | Mohammad Mosaferi | Kazem Naddafi
Development of Innovative Computer Software to Facilitate the Setup and Computation of Water Quality Index

Author(s): Ramin Nabizadeh | Maryam Valadi Amin | Mahmood Alimohammadi | Kazem Naddafi | Amir Hossein Mahvi | Samira Yousefzadeh
Experimental Investigation of the Effectiveness of VariousĀ  Additives in Reducing Wind Erosion from Iron Ore PilesĀ 

Author(s): Mohammad Sadegh Hassanvand | Ayoub Torkian | Mohammad Reza Sahebnasagh | Kazem Naddafi | Mohammad Kazem Moayyedi
Health Impact Assessment of air Pollution in Megacity of Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Kazem Naddafi | Mohammad Sadegh Hassanvand | Masud Yunesian | Fatemeh Momeniha | Ramin Nabizadeh | Sasan Faridi | Akbar Gholampour
Application of Iron Nanaoparticles in Landfill Leachate Treatment - Case study: Hamadan Landfill Leachate

Author(s): Zahra Esfahani Kashitarash | Samadi Mohammad Taghi | Naddafi Kazem | Afkhami Abbass | Rahmani Alireza
Performance Comparison of Fenton and Fenton Modified with Copper in Raw Wastewater Disinfection for reuse in Agriculture

Author(s): Ramin Nabizadeh Nodehi | Hassan Aslani | Reza Nemati | Mahmood Alomohammadi | Kazem Naddafi | Maryam Ghany
Decolorization of Remazol Briliant Blue Royal by Ganoderma Sp. Immobilized in Sodium Alginate

Author(s): Mehran Mohammadian Fazli | Kazem Naddafi | Ali Reza Mesdaghinia | Simin Nasseri | Mahnaz Mazaheri Assadi | Masoud Yunesian
Identification the Emission Sources of Dioxins and Furans and Estimating their Contribution on Emission Rate in Iran in 2010

Author(s): Momeniha Fatemeh | Ramin Nabizadeh Nodehi | Mohammad Sadegh Hassanvand | Amir Hossein Mahvi | Kazem Naddafi
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