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Comparative microbial community composition from secondary carbonate (moonmilk) deposits: implications for the Cansiliella servadeii cave hygropetric food web

Author(s): Annette Summers Engel | Maurizio G. Paoletti | Mattia Beggio | Luca Dorigo | Alberto Pamio | Tiziano Gomiero | Claudio Furlan | Mauro Brilli | Angelo Leandro Dreon | Roberto Bertoni | Andrea Squartini
Earthworms Dilong: Ancient, Inexpensive, Noncontroversial Models May Help Clarify Approaches to Integrated Medicine Emphasizing Neuroimmune Systems

Author(s): Edwin L. Cooper | Mariappan Balamurugan | Chih-Yang Huang | Clara R. Tsao | Jesus Heredia | Mila Tommaseo-Ponzetta | Maurizio G. Paoletti
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