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Experimenting the design-based k-NN approach for mapping and estimation under forest management planning

Author(s): Mattioli W | Quatrini V | Di Paolo S | Di Santo D | Giuliarelli D | Angelini A | Portoghesi L | Corona P
Relationships between silvicultural system, forest type and floristic diversity in chestnut coppices

Author(s): Mattioli W | Pinelli A | Filibeck G | Portoghesi L | Scoppola A | Corona P
"ProgettoBosco": a decision-support system as educational tool at the University level

Author(s): Bianchi M | Bovio G | Camia A | Cantiani P | Corona P | Ferretti F | Francesetti A | Lamonaca A | Portoghesi L
The Winkelmass index as a forest management tool for inventorying stand structure

Author(s): Corona P | D'Orazio P | Lamonaca A | Portoghesi L

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