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Linking mechanistic and behavioral responses to sublethal esfenvalerate exposure in the endangered delta smelt; Hypomesus transpacificus (Fam. Osmeridae)

Author(s): Connon Richard | Geist Juergen | Pfeiff Janice | Loguinov Alexander | D'Abronzo Leandro | Wintz Henri | Vulpe Christopher | Werner Inge
Potential for increased mercury accumulation in the estuary food web

Author(s): Jay A. Davis | Donald Yee | Joshua N. Collins | Steven E. Schwarzbach | Samuel N. Luoma
Will restored tidal marshes be sustainable?

Author(s): Michelle Orr | Stephen Crooks | Philip B. Williams
Biology and population dynamics of Sacramento splittail (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus) in the San Francisco Estuary: A review

Author(s): Peter B. Moyle | Randall D. Baxter | Ted Sommer | Ted C. Foin | Scott A. Matern
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