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BMP signaling components in embryonic transcriptomes of the hover fly Episyrphus balteatus (Syrphidae)

Author(s): Lemke Steffen | Antonopoulos Dionysios | Meyer Folker | Domanus Marc | Schmidt-Ott Urs
Effect of CAR activation on selected metabolic pathways in normal and hyperlipidemic mouse livers

Author(s): Režen Tadeja | Tamasi Viola | Lövgren-Sandblom Anita | Björkhem Ingemar | Meyer Urs | Rozman Damjana
The Sterolgene v0 cDNA microarray: a systemic approach to studies of cholesterol homeostasis and drug metabolism

Author(s): Režen Tadeja | Juvan Peter | Fon Tacer Klementina | Kuzman Drago | Roth Adrian | Pompon Denis | Aggerbeck Lawrence | Meyer Urs | Rozman Damjana

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