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Common Fragile Site Tumor Suppressor Genes and Corresponding Mouse Models of Cancer

Author(s): Alessandra Drusco | Yuri Pekarsky | Stefan Costinean | Anna Antenucci | Laura Conti | Stefano Volinia | Rami I. Aqeilan | Kay Huebner | Nicola Zanesi
Compatible solutes from hyperthermophiles improve the quality of DNA microarrays

Author(s): Mascellani Nicoletta | Liu Xiuping | Rossi Simona | Marchesini Jlenia | Valentini Davide | Arcelli Diego | Taccioli Cristian | Helmer Citterich Mauro | Liu Chang-Gong | Evangelisti Rita | Russo Giandomenico | Santos Jorge | Croce Carlo | Volinia Stefano
Finding biological process modifications in cancer tissues by mining gene expression correlations

Author(s): Gamberoni Giacomo | Storari Sergio | Volinia Stefano
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