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Table-top solar flares produced with laser driven magnetic reconnections

Author(s): Zhong J.Y. | Li Y.T. | Wang X.G. | Wang J.Q. | Dong Q.L. | Liu X. | Lin X.X. | Yuan D.W. | Du F. | Wang S.J. | Zhang L. | An L. | Xiao C.J. | Wei H.G. | Zhang K. | Wang F.L. | Jiang S.E. | Ding Y.K. | Cao Z.R. | Yuan Z. | Zhang H.Y. | Yang Z.W. | Zhu J.Q. | He X.T. | Cai H.B. | Zhao G. | Zhang J.
Degradation and osteogenic potential of a novel poly(lactic acid)/nano-sized β-tricalcium phosphate scaffold

Author(s): Cao L | Duan PG | Wang HR | Li XL | Yuan FL | Fan ZY | Li SM | Dong J
Effects of Fasting Duration and Body Weight on Fasting Heat Production in Growing Pigs

Author(s): Q. Hu | F.L. Wang | X.S. Piao | J.J. Ni | X.M. Zhang | D.F. Li
Antiperiodic Boundary Value Problems for Finite Dimensional Differential Systems

Author(s): Chen YQ | O'Regan D | Wang FL | Zhou SL
An efficient calcium phosphate nanoparticle-based nonviral vector for gene delivery

Author(s): Liu YC | Wang T | He FL | Liu Q | Zhang DX | Xiang SL | Su SP | Zhang J
Image Segmentation Using The Enhanced Possibilistic Clustering Method

Author(s): Zhenping Xie | Shitong Wang | Dian You Zhang | F.L. Chung | Hanbin
Visual Sampling Based Clustering Algorithm VSC

Author(s): Wang Shitong | F.L. Chung | Guo Wei | Han Bin
Iterative Self-adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Reducing Impulsive Noise in Color Images

Author(s): Wang Shitong | Li Yueyang | F.L. Chung | Chen Shu
New Feature-extraction Criteria and Classification Algorithms for Cancer Gene Expression Datasets

Author(s): Wang Shitong | F.L. Chung | Deng Zhaohong | L.I.N. Qing | H.U. Dewen

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