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A Note On Acyclic Colouring of Central Graphs

Author(s): Dr. K. Thilagavathi | Mr. P. Shanas Babu
A Magnetic Ball and Socket, an epsilon-Axle, and a Floating Windmill

Author(s): S. Kazadi | K Kim | C Koh | K. Jung | H. Wang | B.Kim
Hybrid Solar and Wind Off-Grid System - Design and Control

Author(s): Prasad GVT, | Srinivasan S | Sriram V
Optical and electrical recording of neural activity evoked by graded contrast visual stimulus

Author(s): Rovati Luigi | Salvatori Giorgia | Bulf Luca | Fonda Sergio
Vertical-Axis Differential Drag Windmill

Author(s): Tedjo Narsoyo Reksoatmodjo
Energy Harvesting via Piezoelectricity

Author(s): Tanvi Dikshit | Dhawal Shrivastava | Abhijeet Gorey | Ashish Gupta | Parag Parandkar | Sumant Katiyal
Energy Harvesting Strategy Using Piezoelectric Element Driven by Vibration Method

Author(s): Dong-Gun Kim | So-Nam Yun | Young-Bog Ham | Jung-Ho Park
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