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Robotic Platform for Automated Search and Rescue Missions of Humans

Author(s): Eli Kolberg | Yevgeny Beiderman | Roy Talyosef | Raphi Amsalem | Javier Garcia | Zeev Zalevsky
Nano- and Biophotonics

Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky | Yuval Garini | Rachela Popovtzer | Pietro Ferraro
A Self-Powered Medical Device for Blood Irradiation Therapy

Author(s): Avigail D. Amsel | Arkady Rudnitsky | Zeev Zalevsky
Modeling of Current-Voltage Characteristics of the Photoactivated Device Based on SOI Technology

Author(s): Doron Abraham | Avraham Chelly | David Elbaz | Shimron Schiff | Michah Nabozny | Zeev Zalevsky
Self Assembly of Nano Metric Metallic Particles for Realization of Photonic and Electronic Nano Transistors

Author(s): Asaf Shahmoon | Ofer Limon | Olga Girshevitz | Zeev Zalevsky
Design and Fabrication of 1 × 2 Nanophotonic Switch

Author(s): Asaf Shahmoon | Maoz Birenboim | Aviad Frydman | Zeev Zalevsky

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