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The approximability of the String Barcoding problem

Author(s): Lancia Giuseppe | Rizzi Romeo
DNA Barcoding for Honey Biodiversity

Author(s): Alice Valentini | Christian Miquel | Pierre Taberlet
Identity of the ailanthus webworm moth (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae), a complex of two species: evidence from DNA barcoding, morphology and ecology

Author(s): John Wilson | Jean-François Landry | Daniel Janzen | Winnie Hallwachs | Vazrick Nazari | Mehrdad Hajibabaei | Paul Hebert
DNA Barcoding: Promise and Pitfalls

Author(s): Moritz Craig | Cicero Carla
A universal DNA mini-barcode for biodiversity analysis

Author(s): Meusnier Isabelle | Singer Gregory | Landry Jean-François | Hickey Donal | Hebert Paul | Hajibabaei Mehrdad
The next meta-challenge for Bioinformatics

Author(s): Willy Valdivia Granda
Genes y especies

Author(s): A. G. Sáez
Functional Toxicogenomics: Mechanism-Centered Toxicology

Author(s): Matthew North | Chris D. Vulpe
Next-generation sequencing for HLA typing of class I loci

Author(s): Erlich Rachel | Jia Xiaoming | Anderson Scott | Banks Eric | Gao Xiaojiang | Carrington Mary | Gupta Namrata | DePristo Mark | Henn Matthew | Lennon Niall | de Bakker Paul
Phylogenetic analysis of chloroplast matK gene from Zingiberaceae for plant DNA barcoding

Author(s): Dhivya Selvaraj | Rajeev Kumar Sarma | Ramalingam Sathishkumar
Integrated taxonomy: traditional approach and DNA barcoding for the identification of filarioid worms and related parasites (Nematoda)

Author(s): Ferri Emanuele | Barbuto Michela | Bain Odile | Galimberti Andrea | Uni Shigehiko | Guerrero Ricardo | Ferté Hubert | Bandi Claudio | Martin Coralie | Casiraghi Maurizio
Efficient yeast ChIP-Seq using multiplex short-read DNA sequencing

Author(s): Lefrançois Philippe | Euskirchen Ghia | Auerbach Raymond | Rozowsky Joel | Gibson Theodore | Yellman Christopher | Gerstein Mark | Snyder Michael
Towards barcode markers in Fungi: an intron map of Ascomycota mitochondria

Author(s): Santamaria Monica | Vicario Saverio | Pappadà Graziano | Scioscia Gaetano | Scazzocchio Claudio | Saccone Cecilia
Prospects for using DNA barcoding to identify spiders in species-rich genera

Author(s): Paul Hebert | Sarah Adamowicz | Emily Robinson | Gergin Blagoev
Analysing diet of small herbivores: the efficiency of DNA barcoding coupled with high-throughput pyrosequencing for deciphering the composition of complex plant mixtures

Author(s): Soininen Eeva | Valentini Alice | Coissac Eric | Miquel Christian | Gielly Ludovic | Brochmann Christian | Brysting Anne | Sønstebø Jørn H | Ims Rolf | Yoccoz Nigel | Taberlet Pierre
DNA barcode analysis: a comparison of phylogenetic and statistical classification methods

Author(s): Austerlitz Frederic | David Olivier | Schaeffer Brigitte | Bleakley Kevin | Olteanu Madalina | Leblois Raphael | Veuille Michel | Laredo Catherine
Efficient alignment-free DNA barcode analytics

Author(s): Kuksa Pavel | Pavlovic Vladimir
Filling the gap - COI barcode resolution in eastern Palearctic birds

Author(s): Kerr Kevin | Birks Sharon | Kalyakin Mikhail | Red'kin Yaroslav | Koblik Eugeny | Hebert Paul
BioBarcode: a general DNA barcoding database and server platform for Asian biodiversity resources

Author(s): Lim Jeongheui | Kim Sang-Yoon | Kim Sungmin | Eo Hae-Seok | Kim Chang-Bae | Paek Woon | Kim Won | Bhak Jong
DNA Barcodes for Marine Biodiversity: Moving Fast Forward?

Author(s): Adriana E. Radulovici | Philippe Archambault | France Dufresne
Comparative performances of DNA barcoding across insect orders

Author(s): Virgilio Massimiliano | Backeljau Thierry | Nevado Bruno | De Meyer Marc
An integrated web medicinal materials DNA database: MMDBD (Medicinal Materials DNA Barcode Database)

Author(s): Lou Shao-Ke | Wong Ka-Lok | Li Ming | But Paul | Tsui Stephen | Shaw Pang-Chui
Revisiting the taxonomy of the Rattini tribe: a phylogeny-based delimitation of species boundaries

Author(s): Pagès Marie | Chaval Yannick | Herbreteau Vincent | Waengsothorn Surachit | Cosson Jean-François | Hugot Jean-Pierre | Morand Serge | Michaux Johan
A Brief Review of Molecular Techniques to Assess Plant Diversity

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Mohammad A. Bakir | Haseeb A. Khan | Ahmad H. Al Farhan | Ali A. Al Homaidan | Ali H. Bahkali | Mohammad Al Sadoon | Mohammad Shobrak
Some considerations for analyzing biodiversity using integrative metagenomics and gene networks

Author(s): Bittner Lucie | Halary Sébastien | Payri Claude | Cruaud Corinne | de Reviers Bruno | Lopez Philippe | Bapteste Eric
An In silico approach for the evaluation of DNA barcodes

Author(s): Ficetola Gentile | Coissac Eric | Zundel Stéphanie | Riaz Tiayyba | Shehzad Wasim | Bessière Julien | Taberlet Pierre | Pompanon François
Recovery of the mitochondrial COI barcode region in diverse Hexapoda through tRNA-based primers

Author(s): Park Doo-Sang | Suh Soo-Jung | Oh Hyun-Woo | Hebert Paul
ITS as an environmental DNA barcode for fungi: an in silico approach reveals potential PCR biases

Author(s): Bellemain Eva | Carlsen Tor | Brochmann Christian | Coissac Eric | Taberlet Pierre | Kauserud Håvard
Progress in Biodiversity Informatics

Author(s): Lisong Wang | Bin Chen | Liqiang Ji | Keping Ma
A Simple Method for DNA Extraction from Mature Date Palm Leaves: Impact of Sand Grinding and Composition of Lysis Buffer

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Mohammad A. Bakir | Haseeb A. Khan | Anis Ahamed | Ahmad H. Al Farhan | Ali A. Al Homaidan | Mohammad Al Sadoon | Ali H. Bahkali | Mohammad Shobrak
Evaluating the feasibility of using candidate DNA barcodes in discriminating species of the large Asteraceae family

Author(s): Gao Ting | Yao Hui | Song Jingyuan | Zhu Yingjie | Liu Chang | Chen Shilin
DNA Barcoding of Stolephorus indicus, Stolephorus commersonnii and Terapon jarbua of Parangipettai Coastal Waters

Author(s): S. Ajmal Khan | P.S. Lyla | B. Akbar John | C. Prasanna Kuamr | S. Murugan | K.C.A. Jalal
Potential efficacy of mitochondrial genes for animal DNA barcoding: a case study using eutherian mammals

Author(s): Luo Arong | Zhang Aibing | Ho Simon | Xu Weijun | Zhang Yanzhou | Shi Weifeng | Cameron Stephen | Zhu Chaodong
Comparative performance of the 16S rRNA gene in DNA barcoding of amphibians

Author(s): Vences Miguel | Thomas Meike | van der Meijden Arie | Chiari Ylenia | Vieites David
DNA barcoding: error rates based on comprehensive sampling.

Author(s): Meyer Christopher P | Paulay Gustav
An evaluation of LSU rDNA D1-D2 sequences for their use in species identification

Author(s): Sonnenberg Rainer | Nolte Arne | Tautz Diethard
Design and applicability of DNA arrays and DNA barcodes in biodiversity monitoring

Author(s): Hajibabaei Mehrdad | Singer Gregory | Clare Elizabeth | Hebert Paul
An Automated Method for the Determination of Intestinal Disaccharidase and Glucoamylase Activities

Author(s): Zhaoping He | Laura Bolling | Dalal Tonb | Tracey Nadal | Devendra I. Mehta
The current status of species recognition and identification in Aspergillus

Author(s): D.M. Geiser | M.A. Klich | J.C. Frisvad | S.W. Peterson | J. Varga | R.A. Samson
Molecular characterization of freshwater snails in the genus Bulinus: a role for barcodes?

Author(s): Kane Richard | Stothard J Russell | Emery Aidan | Rollinson David
DNA barcoding and its application to marine zooplankton ecology

Author(s): Chaolun Li | Minxiao Wang | Fangping Cheng | Song Sun
Generic switch-over during ontogenesis in Dimorphacanthella gen. n. (Collembola, Isotomidae) with barcoding evidence

Author(s): Mikhail Potapov | Yun Bu | Cheng-Wang Huang | Yan Gao | Yun-Xia Luan
Project Description: DNA Barcodes of Bird Species in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA

Author(s): David Schindel | Mark Stoeckle | Chris Milensky | Michael Trizna | Brian Schmidt | Christina Gebhard | Gary Graves
DNA barcoding and morphology reveal two common species in one: Pimpla molesta stat. rev. separated from P. croceipes (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae)

Author(s): Anu Veijalainen | Gavin Broad | Niklas Wahlberg | John Longino | Ilari Sääksjärvi
DNA Barcoding and Molecular Phylogeny of Drosophila lini and Its Sibling Species

Author(s): Yi-Feng Li | Shuo-Yang Wen | Kuniko Kawai | Jian-Jun Gao | Yao-Guang Hu | Ryoko Segawa | Masanori J. Toda
Current advances of DNA barcoding study in plants

Author(s): Shuping Ning | Haifei Yan | Gang Hao | Xuejun Ge
Sequencing of BAC pools by different next generation sequencing platforms and strategies

Author(s): Taudien Stefan | Steuernagel Burkhard | Ariyadasa Ruvini | Schulte Daniela | Schmutzer Thomas | Groth Marco | Felder Marius | Petzold Andreas | Scholz Uwe | Mayer Klaus | Stein Nils | Platzer Matthias
Tuta absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae): a New Pest of Tomato in Serbia

Author(s): Ivo Toševski | Jelena Jović | Milana Mitrović | Tatjana Cvrković | Oliver Krstić | Slobodan Krnjajić
When species matches are unavailable are DNA barcodes correctly assigned to higher taxa? An assessment using sphingid moths

Author(s): Wilson John | Rougerie Rodolphe | Schonfeld Justin | Janzen Daniel | Hallwachs Winnie | Hajibabaei Mehrdad | Kitching Ian | Haxaire Jean | Hebert Paul
Plant DNA barcodes promote the development of phylogenetic community ecology

Author(s): Nancai Pei | Jinlong Zhang | Xiangcheng Mi | Xuejun Ge
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