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Toothbrush selection : A dilemma?

Author(s): Sasan Dhiraj | Thomas Betsy | Bhat Mahalinga | Aithal K | Ramesh P
Effects of brushing in a classifying machine on the cuticles of Fuji and Gala apples

Author(s): Cândida Raquel Scherrer-Montero | Rose Beatriz Antes | Rinaldo Pires dos Santos | Ligia Loss Schwarz | Liege Cunha dos Santos | Cristiane Salete Andreazza | Renar João Bender
The influence of water temperature during toothbrushing on root dentine: An in vitro study

Author(s): Scaramucci Tais | Marques Marcia | Soares-Geraldo D | Braga SRM | Sobral Maria
Oral health related behaviors among adult Tanzanians: a national pathfinder survey

Author(s): Masalu Joyce | Kikwilu Emil | Kahabuka Febronia | Senkoro Ahadieli | Kida Irene

The Education for the Stone “: some glances on the artistic language in the youths and adults´ litteracy

Author(s): Regina Aparecida Ribeiro Siqueira | Janaína Behling | Luiza Chu | Viviane Ramos da Silva
Tooth brushing, tongue cleaning and snacking behaviour of dental technology and therapist students

Author(s): Clement C. Azodo | Adebola O. Ehizele | Agnes Umoh | Patrick I. Ojehanon | Osagie Akhionbare | Robinson Okechukwu | Lawrence Igbinosa
Personal Hygiene Behavior of Some High School Students in Ankara Province

Author(s): Cigdem Simsek | Birgul Piyal | Hakan Tuzun | Deniz Cakmak | Hatice Turan | Vildan Seyrek
Mechanical Design and Dynamcis of an Autonomous Climbing Robot for Elliptic Half-shell Cleaning

Author(s): Houxiang Zhang | Jianwei Zhang | Rong Liu | Guanghua Zong
The use of non-bronchoscopic brushings to study the paediatric airway

Author(s): Lane Catherine | Burgess Scott | Kicic Anthony | Knight Darryl | Stick Stephen
Collection of Human Genomic DNA From Buccal Cells for Genetics Studies: Comparison Between Cytobrush, Mouthwash, and Treated Card

Author(s): Mulot Claire | Stücker Isabelle | Clavel Jacqueline | Beaune Philippe | Loriot Marie-Anne
Frictional amyloidosis in Oman - A study of ten cases

Author(s): Mysore Venkataram | Bhushnurmath Shivayogi | Muirhead David | Al - Suwaid Abdul Raouf
Quality assessment of buccal versus blood genomic DNA using the Affymetrix 500 K GeneChip

Author(s): Woo Jessica | Sun Guangyun | Haverbusch Mary | Indugula Subbarao | Martin Lisa | Broderick Joseph | Deka Ranjan | Woo Daniel
Modeling and Control of a Flux-Modulated Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Jing Zhao | Yi Sui | Zhiyi Song
Performance Analysis and Simulation of a Novel Brushless Double Rotor Machine for Power-Split HEV Applications

Author(s): Ping Zheng | Qian Wu | Jing Zhao | Chengde Tong | Jingang Bai | Quanbin Zhao
Carbon nanotube plane fastener

Author(s): Kaori Hirahara | Shoichi Ajioka | Yoshikazu Nakayama
Study of the Internal Anatomy of the Mandibular Incisor Teeth

Author(s): K. Ashofteh Yazdi | A. Jafari
Water Soluble Responsive Polymer Brushes

Author(s): Michael P. Weir | Andrew J. Parnell
A study on the effectiveness of chlorhexidine 0.2% solution on toothbrush decontamination

Author(s): N Nourbakhsh | R Mazaheri | A Talebi | M Sadeghian
Synthesis of novel glycopolymer brushes via a combination of RAFT-mediated polymerisation and ATRP

Author(s): Reda Fleet | Eric T.A. van den Dungen | Bert Klumperman
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