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Cladistics, Bruchids and host plants: evolutionary interactions in amblycerus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Author(s): Ayers , Tina J. | Johnson , Clarence Dan | Romero Nápoles, Jesús
Anatomy, Morphology, and Cladistic Analysis of Monsonia L. (Geraniaceae).

Author(s): Aedo, Carlos | Vargas, Pablo | Navarro, Carmen | Aldasoro, Juan Jose
Evolution and Cellular Function of Monothiol Glutaredoxins: Involvement in Iron-Sulphur Cluster Assembly

Author(s): Felipe Vilella | Rui Alves | María Teresa Rodríguez-Manzaneque | Gemma Bellí | Swarna Swaminathan | Per Sunnerhagen | Enrique Herrero
Graptoloid cladistics, taxonomy and phylogeny

Author(s): Maletz J | Carlucci J | Mitchell C E
What is Diplograptus?

Author(s): Mitchell C E | Maletz J | Goldman D

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