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Consensos sobre la naturaleza de la ciencia: aspectos epistemológicos

Author(s): José Antonio Acevedo-Díaz | Ángel Vázquez-Alonso | Mª Antonia Manassero-Mas | Pilar Acevedo-Romero
The Turkish version of Maternal Attachment Inventory

Author(s): Oya Kavlak | Ahsen Şirin
MytiBase: a knowledgebase of mussel (M. galloprovincialis) transcribed sequences

Author(s): Venier Paola | De Pittà Cristiano | Bernante Filippo | Varotto Laura | De Nardi Barbara | Bovo Giuseppe | Roch Philippe | Novoa Beatriz | Figueras Antonio | Pallavicini Alberto | Lanfranchi Gerolamo
Evolution of competence and DNA uptake specificity in the Pasteurellaceae

Author(s): Redfield Rosemary | Findlay Wendy | Bossé Janine | Kroll J Simon | Cameron Andrew | Nash John
Systematic sequencing of mRNA from the Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and first tissue specific transcriptional signature

Author(s): De Pittà Cristiano | Bertolucci Cristiano | Mazzotta Gabriella | Bernante Filippo | Rizzo Giorgia | De Nardi Barbara | Pallavicini Alberto | Lanfranchi Gerolamo | Costa Rodolfo
SIGffRid: A tool to search for sigma factor binding sites in bacterial genomes using comparative approach and biologically driven statistics

Author(s): Touzain Fabrice | Schbath Sophie | Debled-Rennesson Isabelle | Aigle Bertrand | Kucherov Gregory | Leblond Pierre
Unsuccessful treatment of four patients with acute graft-vs-host disease after liver transplantation

Author(s): Xiao-Bo Chen | Jie Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Tian-Fu Wen | Lu-Nan Yan
Alternatives in Assessment or Alternatives to Assessment: A Solution or a Quandary

Author(s): Ali Derakhshan | Saeed Rezaei | Minoo Alemi
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