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Defining rational hospital catchments for non-urban areas based on travel-time

Author(s): Schuurman Nadine | Fiedler Robert | Grzybowski Stefan | Grund Darrin
Medicines coverage and community-based health insurance in low-income countries

Author(s): Vialle-Valentin Catherine | Ross-Degnan Dennis | Ntaganira Joseph | Wagner Anita
Awareness and implementation of tobacco dependence treatment guidelines in Arizona: Healthcare Systems Survey 2000

Author(s): Gilles Mary | Strayer Louise | Leischow Robert | Feng Chun | Menke J Michael | Sechrest Lee
Carbon offsets, reversal risk and US climate policy

Author(s): Mignone Bryan | Hurteau Matthew | Chen Yihsu | Sohngen Brent
Family Physician attitudes about prescribing using a drug formulary

Author(s): Suggs L Suzanne | Raina Parminder | Gafni Amiram | Grant Susan | Skilton Kevin | Fan Aimei | Szala-Meneok Karen
The relationship between safety net activities and hospital financial performance

Author(s): Zwanziger Jack | Khan Nasreen | Bamezai Anil
Applying diagnosis and pharmacy-based risk models to predict pharmacy use in Aragon, Spain: The impact of a local calibration

Author(s): Calderón-Larrañaga Amaia | Abrams Chad | Poblador-Plou Beatriz | Weiner Jonathan | Prados-Torres Alexandra
Use of Generics—A Critical Cost Containment Measure for All Healthcare Professionals in Europe?

Author(s): Brian Godman | William Shrank | Bjorn Wettermark | Morten Andersen | Iain Bishop | Thomas Burkhardt | Kristina Garuolienè | Marija Kalaba | Ott Laius | Roberta Joppi | Catherine Sermet | Ulrich Schwabe | Inês Teixeira | F. Cankat Tulunay | Kamila Wendykowska | Corinne Zara | Lars L Gustafsson
Cost of drugs manufactured by the University Hospital - role of the Central Pharmacy

Author(s): Marin Marcia Lucia M. | Chaves Cleuber E. | Zanini Antonio C. | Faintuch Joel | Faintuch Daniel | Cipriano Sonia L.
The Canadian health system and its financing

Author(s): Solórzano Francisco Xavier
The prevalence of Parkinson's disease and its cost to the French national health fund in metropolitan France in 2000

Author(s): Lajugie D | Bertin N | Chantelou ML | Vallier N | Weill A | Fender P | Allemand H
What effect does physician "profiling" have on inpatient physician satisfaction and hospital length of stay?

Author(s): Zemencuk Judith | Hofer Timothy | Hayward Rodney | Moseley Richard | Saint Sanjay
Bismarck or Beveridge: a beauty contest between dinosaurs

Author(s): van der Zee Jouke | Kroneman Madelon
Physicians' views on resource availability and equity in four European health care systems

Author(s): Hurst Samia | Forde Reidun | Reiter-Theil Stella | Slowther Anne-Marie | Perrier Arnaud | Pegoraro Renzo | Danis Marion
Pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Croatia

Author(s): Maja Lamza – Maronić | Jerko Glavaš
Drug waste minimisation and cost-containment in Medical Oncology: Two-year results of a feasibility study

Author(s): Fasola Gianpiero | Aita Marianna | Marini Luisa | Follador Alessandro | Tosolini Marina | Mattioni Laura | Mansutti Mauro | Piga Andrea | Brusaferro Silvio | Aprile Giuseppe
Health Economics in Radiology Departments

Author(s): Shahram Tofighi
Benefits and Costs of Biologically Contained Genetically Modified Tomatoes and Eggplants in Italy and Spain

Author(s): Rolf A. Groeneveld | Erik Ansink | Clemens C.M. Van de Wiel | Justus Wesseler
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