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Using GIS to Overcome Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Threats and Challenges

Author(s): Tariq Rahim Soomro | Ghassan Al-Qaimari | Hassan Wahba

Author(s): MARES Valerica | MARES Marius Daniel
Problems of development of the rising generation in Russia

Author(s): Kazantseva D. B. | Haitzhanov A.
Facets of Islamic Terrorism in Italy

Author(s): Armando Spataro
Quality assurance measures in non-interventional studies: Results of a survey among the members of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies

Author(s): Hahn, Michael | Bethke, Thomas D. | Hecht, Arthur | Henn, Doris | Ruppert, Thorsten | Hundt, Ferdinand
Comprehensive Security Framework for Global Threats Analysis

Author(s): Jacques Saraydaryan | Fatiha Benali | Stephane Ubeda | Veronique Legrand
Long term substitution treatment (maintenance treatment) of opioid dependent persons

Author(s): Busch, Martin | Haas, Sabine | Weigl, Marion | Wirl, Charlotte
Las nuevas violencias en la crisis global

Author(s): José María Tortosa

Author(s): Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić | Vesna Antičević | Elizabeta Dadić Hero
«Gente de mal vivir»: families and incorrigible sons in new Spain, 1721-1729

Author(s): Cáceres Menéndez, Beatriz | Patch, Robert W
Savings education: Learning the value of self-control.

Author(s): Patricia A. Hutton | James M. Holmes
On Commitments in Criminal Law

Author(s): Lianhe WANG
Is the higher rate of parental child homicide in stepfamilies an effect of non-genetic relatedness?

Author(s): Hans TEMRIN, Johanna NORDLUND, Mikael RYING, Birgitta S. TULLBERG
The impact of ADHD and conduct disorder in childhood on adult delinquency: A 30 years follow-up study using official crime records

Author(s): Mordre Marianne | Groholt Berit | Kjelsberg Ellen | Sandstad Berit | Myhre Anne
A review of the economic burden of ADHD

Author(s): Matza Louis | Paramore Clark | Prasad Manishi
The trauma of ongoing conflict and displacement in Chechnya: quantitative assessment of living conditions, and psychosocial and general health status among war displaced in Chechnya and Ingushetia

Author(s): de Jong Kaz | van der Kam Saskia | Ford Nathan | Hargreaves Sally | van Oosten Richard | Cunningham Debbie | Boots Gerry | Andrault Elodie | Kleber Rolf
Racial Profiling: They Said It Was Against the Law!

Author(s): Oscar H. Gandy, Jr | Lemi Baruh
Aspectos penales y características clínicas de la criminalidad en la esquizofrenia

Author(s): Apiquian , Rogelio | Fresán , Ana | García Anaya, María | Loyzaga , Cristina | Nicolini , Humberto | Tejero , Josune
Child and adolescent psychiatric patients and later criminality

Author(s): Engqvist Ulf | Rydelius Per-Anders
Attribution Style in Criminals with Conduct Disorder and Watchmen in Center for Correction and Rehabilitation

Author(s): Hossein Khedmatgozar | Hossein Shareh | Yaghoob Vakili | Ali Asghar Asgharnejad Farid
Crime in media: an interdisciplinary research

Author(s): Ronaldo Henn | Carmen Oliveira | Maria Palma Wolff | Marta Conte
The Role of the Press in Public Security

Author(s): Robson Sávio Reis Souza
Book Reviews

Author(s): A.S. Baer | Philip Houghton | Greg Bankoff | Vicente L. Rafael | Harold Brookfield | Donald Denoon | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Clifford Sather | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Krishna Sen | Freek Colombijn | Arne Kalland | Kirsten W. Endres | Phan Huy Chu | Aone van Engelenhoven | Veronica Du Feu | Fukui Hayao | Peter Boomgard | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Robert W, Hefner | Daniel Chirot | Bob Hering | Lambert Giebels | Karin van Lotringen | David Brown | Ethan Mark | Takashi Shiraishi | Harry Poeze | J.A. Manusama | Nico Schulte Nordholt | Hans Antlöv | Cornelia M.I. van der Sluys | Danielle C. Geirnaert-Martin | Nicholas Tarling | Tom Marks | B.J. Terwiel | Chanatip Kesavadhana | Jaap Timmer | Polly Wiessner | Robert van Niel | Margaret Leidelmeijer | Fred R. von der Mehden | Shanti Nair | Lourens de Vries | Volker Heeschen | Waruno Mahdi | A. Teeuw | Roxana Waterson | Robert L. Winzeler
Modern Forms of Electronic Criminality

Author(s): Christina Kretsi
Determining Role of Social and Geographical Region in Childhood Criminality

Author(s): Yavuz Selvi | Adem Aydın | Sultan Kılıç | Pınar Güzel Özdemir
Eugenesia, salud mental y tipología psicológica del mexicano

Author(s): Suárez y López-Guazo, Laura

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