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Acoustic oscillations in a field-free cavity under solar small-scale bipolar magnetic canopy

Author(s): D. Kuridze | T. V. Zaqarashvili | B. M. Shergelashvili | S. Poedts
Dependence on Frequency of the Electromagnetic Field Distribution inside a Cylindrical Cavity Excited through an Off-Axis Aperture

Author(s): Fabrizio Consoli | Luigi Celona | Giovanni Ciavola | Santo Gammino | Fabio Maimone | Rocco Salvatore Catalano | Sebastiano Barbarino | David Mascali | Livia Tumino
Comparative Study between the Darcy-Brinkman Model and the Modified Navier-Stokes Equations in the Case of Natural Convection in a Porous Cavity

Author(s): Razli MEHDAOUI | Mohammed ELMIR | Belkacem DRAOUI | Omar IMINE | Abdelkader MOJTABI
Polymerization Stress Development in Dental Composites: Effect of Cavity Design Factor

Author(s): Joseph M. Antonucci | Anthony A. Giuseppetti | Justin N.R. O’Donnell | Gary E. Schumacher | Drago Skrtic
Cylindric cell carcinoma of the base of the tongue: A rare variant of squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Kumar Milind | Bahl Amit | Sharma D | Sharma Ruchi | Gupta Ruchika | Ahmed Shamim | Julka P | Rath G
Pitcher plants of Lambir Hill in Miri, Sarawak State of Malaysia

Author(s): Jumaat H. Adam | Hafiza A. Hamid
Influence of Aspect Ratio on Natural Convection in a Partially Porous Enclosure

Author(s): R. Mehdaoui | M. Elmir | B. Draoui | O. Imine | A. Mojtabi
Efficient Characterization of Microwave Applicator Loaded with Multilayer Dielectric based on Neural Networks

Author(s): Zoran Stanković | Bratislav Milovanović, | Nebojša Dončov | Aleksandar Marinčić
Sino-nasal epithelial tumours: A pathological study of 69 cases

Author(s): Panchal L | Vaideeswar Pradeep | Kathpal D | Madiwale C | Prabhat D
Morphologic and morphometric aspects of the domestic geese trachea

Author(s): Tatiana Carlesso Santos | Hugo Andrés Gutiérrez Trujillo | Miryan Lança Vilia Alberto | Cheston Cesar Honorato Pereira | Carla Cristina Ferrari | Anita Menconi | Pedro Primo Bombonatto
Cylindrical Resonator Utilizing a Curved Resonant Grating as a Cavity Wall

Author(s): Yasuo Ohtera | Shohei Iijima | Hirohito Yamada
An Easy Technique for Sheep Vomeronasalectomisation

Author(s): Richard M?ller | William P?rez | Rodolfo Ungerfeld
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