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Information from the Internet and the doctor-patient relationship: the patient perspective – a qualitative study

Author(s): Stevenson Fiona | Kerr Cicely | Murray Elizabeth | Nazareth Irwin
Explanation and relations. How do general practitioners deal with patients with persistent medically unexplained symptoms: a focus group study

Author(s): olde Hartman Tim | Hassink-Franke Lieke | Lucassen Peter | van Spaendonck Karel | van Weel Chris
Doctor and patient’s relationship at the present time and value of the clinical method La relación médico paciente en la actualidad y el valor del método clínico

Author(s): Orlando Cruz Martínez | María Caridad Fragoso Marchante | Iris González Morales | Dianelys Perla Sierra Martínez
Waiting Lists for Radiation Therapy: A Case Study

Author(s): D'Souza David | Martin Douglas | Purdy Laura | Bezjak Andrea | Singer Peter
Gender and power: Nurses and doctors in Canada

Author(s): Zelek Barbara | Phillips Susan
Lithuanian health care in transitional state: ethical problems

Author(s): Jakušovaitė Irayda | Darulis Žilvinas | Žekas Romualdas
Explaining variation in GP referral rates for x-rays for back pain

Author(s): Baker Rachel | Lecouturier Jan | Bond Senga
Empathy in Medical Residents at Iran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Seyed Vahid Shariat | Ala Kaykhavoni
Discourses of patients with rheumatoid arthritis regarding their social relationships: a study from the psychological perspectiv

Author(s): Gracimirtes Nascimento de Mato | Polyana Peixoto Pinheir | Roberta Soares Fonsec | Marilise Katsurayam
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