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Characterization of Rape Field Microwave Emission and Implications to Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals

Author(s): Florian Schlenz | Joachim Fallmann | Philip Marzahn | Alexander Loew | Wolfram Mauser
Sap Flow Sensors: Construction, Quality Control and Comparison

Author(s): Tyler W. Davis | Chen-Min Kuo | Xu Liang | Pao-Shan Yu

Author(s): Verônica Ines Fernandez Orellano | Silvia Quiota
Features of Subordinates Behaviour Activation by a Leader

Author(s): T. Golubeva | L. Rakitina
Vegetarian athletes: Special requirements

Author(s): Dilek Ongan | Gülgün Ersoy
Strategic planning in media organizations of Iran

Author(s): Ali Akbar Farhangi | Mohammad Soltani Far | Ali Asghar Mahaki | Abolfazl Danaei

Author(s): Ioan Sandu | Maria Canache (Buşilă) | Viorica Vasilache | Ioan-Gabriel Sandu
Exploring Simple Algorithms for Estimating Gross Primary Production in Forested Areas from Satellite Data

Author(s): Hirofumi Hashimoto | Weile Wang | Cristina Milesi | Michael A. White | Sangram Ganguly | Minoru Gamo | Ryuichi Hirata | Ranga B. Myneni | Ramakrishna R. Nemani
Why do fish school?

Author(s): Matz LARSSON
Remediation of chromium contaminants using bacteria

Author(s): P. Kanmani | J. Aravind | P. Devasia
What Drives Green Restaurant Patronage Intention?

Author(s): Booi-Chen Tan | Peik-Foong Yeap
Vegetation Cover Analysis of Hazardous Waste Sites in Utah and Arizona Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Author(s): Jungho Im | John R. Jensen | Ryan R. Jensen | John Gladden | Jody Waugh | Mike Serrato
Green Supply Chain Management: A Case Study from Indian Electrical and Electronics Industry

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar | Somnath Chattopadhyaya | Vinay Sharma
Non-governmental organizations and KM: A human centric approach

Author(s): Iftikhar Hussain | Waheed Akhtar | Shahid Hussain
Swimming performance of epigeal and hypogeal species of Characidae, with an emphasis on the troglobiotic Stygichthys typhlops Brittan & Böhlke, 1965

Author(s): Costa Sampaio Francisco Alexandre | Pompeu Paulo Santos | de Andrade e Santos Hersília | Lopes Ferreira Rodrigo
Analysis of ozone and nitric acid in spring and summer Arctic pollution using aircraft, ground-based, satellite observations and MOZART-4 model: source attribution and partitioning

Author(s): C. Wespes | L. Emmons | D. P. Edwards | J. Hannigan | D. Hurtmans | M. Saunois | P.-F. Coheur | C. Clerbaux | M. T. Coffey | R. L. Batchelor | R. Lindenmaier | K. Strong | A. J. Weinheimer | J. B. Nowak | T. B. Ryerson | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
The composition and variability of atmospheric aerosol over Southeast Asia during 2008

Author(s): W. Trivitayanurak | P. I. Palmer | M. P. Barkley | N. H. Robinson | H. Coe | D. E. Oram
The ACOS CO2 retrieval algorithm – Part 1: Description and validation against synthetic observations

Author(s): C. W. O'Dell | B. Connor | H. Bösch | D. O'Brien | C. Frankenberg | R. Castano | M. Christi | D. Eldering | B. Fisher | M. Gunson | J. McDuffie | C. E. Miller | V. Natraj | F. Oyafuso | I. Polonsky | M. Smyth | T. Taylor | G. C. Toon | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch
A method to resolve the phase state of aerosol particles

Author(s): E. Saukko | H. Kuuluvainen | A. Virtanen
Differences between downscaling with spectral and grid nudging using WRF

Author(s): P. Liu | A. P. Tsimpidi | Y. Hu | B. Stone | A. G. Russell | A. Nenes
An assessment of atmospheric mercury in the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model

Author(s): T. Holloway | C. Voigt | J. Morton | S. N. Spak | A. P. Rutter | J. J. Schauer
Development and chamber evaluation of the MCM v3.2 degradation scheme for β-caryophyllene

Author(s): M. E. Jenkin | K. P. Wyche | C. J. Evans | T. Carr | P. S. Monks | M. R. Alfarra | M. H. Barley | G. B. McFiggans | J. C. Young | A. R. Rickard
Factors promoting larch dominance in Eastern Siberia: fire versus growth performance and implications for carbon dynamics

Author(s): E.-D. Schulze | C. Wirth | D. Mollicone | N. von Lüpke | W. Ziegler | F. Achard | M. Mund | A. Prokushkin | S. Scherbina
Improving runoff estimates from regional climate models: a performance analysis in Spain

Author(s): D. González-Zeas | L. Garrote | A. Iglesias | A. Sordo-Ward
Evaluating models for predicting hydraulic characteristics of layered soils

Author(s): S. S. W. Mavimbela | L. D. van Rensburg
Precipitation observation using microwave backhaul links in the alpine and pre-alpine region of Southern Germany

Author(s): C. Chwala | A. Gmeiner | W. Qiu | S. Hipp | D. Nienaber | U. Siart | T. Eibert | M. Pohl | J. Seltmann | J. Fritz | H. Kunstmann
Impacts of conservation tillage on the hydrological and agronomic performance of fanya juus in the upper Blue Nile (Abbay) river basin

Author(s): M. Temesgen | S. Uhlenbrook | B. Simane | P. van der Zaag | Y. Mohamed | J. Wenninger | H. H. G. Savenije1
Assessing the impact of uncertainty on flood risk estimates with reliability analysis using 1-D and 2-D hydraulic models

Author(s): L. Altarejos-García | M. L. Martínez-Chenoll | I. Escuder-Bueno | A. Serrano-Lombillo
Difference Limen for Intensity Following Monaural Use of Hearing Aid

Author(s): Mohanna Javanbakht | Nariman Rahbar | Mohammad Kamali

Author(s): José Manuel Hernández Mogollón | Ana María Campón Cerro | Helena Maria Baptista Alves
Height Effect on Response Modification Factor of Open Chevron Eccentrically Braced Frames

Author(s): Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh | Amirhosein Maleki Kambakhsh
Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations in Stepped Three-Side Spillway

Author(s): Hamed Taghizadeh | Seyed Ali Akbar Salehi Neyshabour | Firouz Ghasemzadeh

Author(s): Gazzola Patrizia | Meo Colombo Carlotta
Four-dimensional variational data assimilation for a limited area model

Author(s): Nils Gustafsson | Xiang-Yu Huang | Xiaohua Yang | Kristian Mogensen | Magnus Lindskog | Ole Vignes | Tomas Wilhelmsson | Sigurdur Thorsteinsson
Prognostics and Health Monitoring of High Power LED

Author(s): Thamo Sutharssan | Stoyan Stoyanov | Chris Bailey | Yasmine Rosunally
Comparison of Four Distributions for Frequency Analysis of Wind Speed

Author(s): Sabereh Darbandi | Mohammad Taghi Aalami | Hakimeh Asadi
Optimal Exploitation of the Sentinel-2 Spectral Capabilities for Crop Leaf Area Index Mapping

Author(s): Katja Richter | Tobias B. Hank | Francesco Vuolo | Wolfram Mauser | Guido D’Urso
Students’ Evaluation of Frame Factors and Teaching Process: Implications for Educational Leadership

Author(s): Shaukat Ali Raza | Nadeem Bhatti | Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo | Syed Abir Hassan Rizvi | Faiz M. Shaikh
Response of finishing swine maintained in different thermal environments Respostas de suínos em terminação mantidos em diferentes ambientes térmicos

Author(s): Charles Kiefer | Mariana Souza de Moura | Elizangela Alves da Silva | Alexandre Pereira dos Santos | Camilla Mendonça Silva | Mohammed Freitas da Luz | Clariana Leon Nantes
Modelos de superfície de resposta para predição do desempenho de frangos e elaboração de análise econômica Response surface models to predict broiler performance and elaborate economic analysis

Author(s): Raquel Bighetti Araujo | Douglas Emygdio de Faria Filho | Daniel Emygdio de Faria Filho | César Gonçalves de Lima | Renata Barbieri Trevisan | Karina Márcia Ribeiro de Souza | Márcia Izumi Sakamoto | Vanessa de souza Nakagi
Atmospheric greenhouse gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY: comparison to ground-based FTS measurements and model results

Author(s): O. Schneising | P. Bergamaschi | H. Bovensmann | M. Buchwitz | J. P. Burrows | N. M. Deutscher | D. W. T. Griffith | J. Heymann | R. Macatangay | J. Messerschmidt | J. Notholt | M. Rettinger | M. Reuter | R. Sussmann | V. A. Velazco | T. Warneke | P. O. Wennberg | D. Wunch
Transport and mixing patterns over Central California during the carbonaceous aerosol and radiative effects study (CARES)

Author(s): J. D. Fast | W. I. Gustafson Jr. | L. K. Berg | W. J. Shaw | M. Pekour | M. Shrivastava | J. C. Barnard | R. A. Ferrare | C. A. Hostetler | J. A. Hair | M. Erickson | B. T. Jobson | B. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | S. Springston | R. B. Pierce | L. Dolislager | J. Pederson | R. A. Zaveri
Evaluation of cloud fraction and its radiative effect simulated by IPCC AR4 global models against ARM surface observations

Author(s): Y. Qian | C. N. Long | H. Wang | J. M. Comstock | S. A. McFarlane | S. Xie
Infrared measurements in the Arctic using two Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometers

Author(s): Z. Mariani | K. Strong | M. Wolff | P. Rowe | V. Walden | P. F. Fogal | T. Duck | G. Lesins | D. S. Turner | C. Cox | E. Eloranta | J. R. Drummond | C. Roy | D. D. Turner | D. Hudak | I. A. Lindenmaier
A fast and precise chemiluminescence ozone detector for eddy flux and airborne application

Author(s): A. Zahn | J. Weppner | H. Widmann | K. Schlote-Holubek | B. Burger | T. Kühner | H. Franke
Benchmarking homogenization algorithms for monthly data

Author(s): V. K. C. Venema | O. Mestre | E. Aguilar | I. Auer | J. A. Guijarro | P. Domonkos | G. Vertacnik | T. Szentimrey | P. Stepanek | P. Zahradnicek | J. Viarre | G. Müller-Westermeier | M. Lakatos | C. N. Williams | M. J. Menne | R. Lindau | D. Rasol | E. Rustemeier | K. Kolokythas | T. Marinova | L. Andresen | F. Acquaotta | S. Fratianni | S. Cheval | M. Klancar | M. Brunetti | C. Gruber | M. Prohom Duran | T. Likso | P. Esteban | T. Brandsma
A global coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian model and 1 × 1 km CO2 surface flux dataset for high-resolution atmospheric CO2 transport simulations

Author(s): A. Ganshin | T. Oda | M. Saito | S. Maksyutov | V. Valsala | R. J. Andres | R. E. Fisher | D. Lowry | A. Lukyanov | H. Matsueda | E. G. Nisbet | M. Rigby | Y. Sawa | R. Toumi | K. Tsuboi | A. Varlagin | R. Zhuravlev
Productive and Reproductive Performance of Purebred Bos taurus Cattle in Three Large Scale Farms in Kenya

Author(s): Alexander. K. Kahi | Stanley. K. Ng`ang`a | Samuel M. Mbuku | Tobias. O. Okeno | Mary. K. Ambula
The importance of parameter resampling for soil moisture data assimilation into hydrologic models using the particle filter

Author(s): D. A. Plaza | R. De Keyser | G. J. M. De Lannoy | L. Giustarini | P. Matgen | V. R. N. Pauwels
Effect of hydraulic parameters on sediment transport capacity in overland flow over erodible beds

Author(s): M. Ali | G. Sterk | M. Seeger | M. Boersema | P. Peters
An early warning system for flash floods in hyper-arid Egypt

Author(s): J. Cools | P. Vanderkimpen | G. El Afandi | A. Abdelkhalek | S. Fockedey | M. El Sammany | G. Abdallah | M. El Bihery | W. Bauwens | M. Huygens
A minimal model for reconstructing interannual mass balance variability of glaciers in the European Alps

Author(s): B. Marzeion | M. Hofer | A. H. Jarosch | G. Kaser | T. Mölg
Continuous measurements of methane mixing ratios from ice cores

Author(s): C. Stowasser | C. Buizert | V. Gkinis | J. Chappellaz | S. Schüpbach | M. Bigler | X. Faïn | P. Sperlich | M. Baumgartner | A. Schilt | T. Blunier
PHOCUS radiometer

Author(s): O. Nyström | D. Murtagh | V. Belitsky
Using Markov switching models to infer dry and rainy periods from telecommunication microwave link signals

Author(s): Z. Wang | M. Schleiss | J. Jaffrain | A. Berne | J. Rieckermann
Desert dust satellite retrieval intercomparison

Author(s): E. Carboni | G. E. Thomas | A. M. Sayer | R. Siddans | C. A. Poulsen | R. G. Grainger | C. Ahn | D. Antoine | S. Bevan | R. Braak | H. Brindley | S. DeSouza-Machado | J. L. Deuzé | D. Diner | F. Ducos | W. Grey | C. Hsu | O. V. Kalashnikova | R. Kahn | P. R. J. North | C. Salustro | A. Smith | D. Tanré | O. Torres | B. Veihelmann
A gas chromatographic instrument for measurement of hydrogen cyanide in the lower atmosphere

Author(s): J. L. Ambrose | Y. Zhou | K. Haase | H. R. Mayne | R. Talbot | B. C. Sive
Characterization and airborne deployment of a new counterflow virtual impactor inlet

Author(s): T. Shingler | S. Dey | A. Sorooshian | F. J. Brechtel | Z. Wang | A. Metcalf | M. Coggon | J. Mülmenstädt | L. M. Russell | H. H. Jonsson | J. H. Seinfeld
Observations of tropical rain with a polarimetric X-band radar: first results from the CHUVA campaign

Author(s): M. Schneebeli | J. Sakuragi | T. Biscaro | C. F. Angelis | I. Carvalho da Costa | C. Morales | L. Baldini | L. A. T. Machado
MIPAS detection of cloud and aerosol particle occurrence in the UTLS with comparison to HIRDLS and CALIOP

Author(s): H. Sembhi | J. Remedios | T. Trent | D. P. Moore | R. Spang | S. Massie | J.-P. Vernier
Ground-based millimeter-wave observation of stratospheric ClO over Atacama, Chile in the midlatitude Southern Hemisphere

Author(s): T. Kuwahara | T. Nagahama | H. Maezawa | Y. Kojima | H. Yamamoto | T. Okuda | N. Mizuno | H. Nakane | Y. Fukui | A. Mizuno
Identification of climatic state with limited proxy data

Author(s): J. D. Annan | J. C. Hargreaves
Combining surface reanalysis and remote sensing data for monitoring evapotranspiration

Author(s): M. Marshall | K. Tu | C. Funk | J. Michaelsen | P. Williams | C. Williams | J. Ardö | B. Marie | B. Cappelaere | A. Grandcourt | A. Nickless | Y. Nouvellon | R. Scholes | W. Kutsch
Ideal point error for model assessment

Author(s): C. W. Dawson | R. J. Abrahart | A. Y. Shamseldin | N. J. Mount
Temporal variations of evapotranspiration: reconstruction using instantaneous satellite measurements in the thermal infra red domain

Author(s): E. Delogu | G. Boulet | A. Olioso | B. Coudert | J. Chirouze | E. Ceschia | V. Le Dantec | O. Marloie | G. Chehbouni | J.-P. Lagouarde
High-resolution projections of surface water availability for Tasmania, Australia

Author(s): J. C. Bennett | F. L. N. Ling | D. A. Post | M. R. Grose | S. C. Corney | B. Graham | G. K. Holz | J. J. Katzfey | N. L. Bindoff
A new approach to model the variability of karstic recharge

Author(s): A. Hartmann | J. Lange | M. Weiler | Y. Arbel | N. Greenbaum
Development of a conceptual model of the hydrologic response of tropical Andean micro-catchments in Southern Ecuador

Author(s): P. Crespo | J. Feyen | W. Buytaert | R. Célleri | H.-G. Frede | M. Ramírez | L. Breuer
Numerical modeling of permafrost dynamics in Alaska using a high spatial resolution dataset

Author(s): E. E. Jafarov | S. S. Marchenko | V. E. Romanovsky
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Bacterial and Archaeal Lipid Biomarkers from Anaerobically Digested Sludge

Author(s): Muhammad Hanif | Yoichi Atsuta | Koichi Fujie | Hiroyuki Daimon
A framework of benchmarking land models

Author(s): Y. Q. Luo | J. Randerson | G. Abramowitz | C. Bacour | E. Blyth | N. Carvalhais | P. Ciais | D. Dalmonech | J. Fisher | R. Fisher | P. Friedlingstein | K. Hibbard | F. Hoffman | D. Huntzinger | C. D. Jones | C. Koven | D. Lawrence | D. J. Li | M. Mahecha | S. L. Niu | R. Norby | S. L. Piao | X. Qi | P. Peylin | I. C. Prentice | W. Riley | M. Reichstein | C. Schwalm | Y. P. Wang | J. Y. Xia | S. Zaehle | X. H. Zhou
Predicting decadal trends and transient responses of radiocarbon storage and fluxes in a temperate forest soil

Author(s): C. A. Sierra | S. E. Trumbore | E. A. Davidson | S. D. Frey | K. E. Savage | F. M. Hopkins

Efficient Ships: Some Present Trends and Practices

Author(s): Rajoo Balaji , Saharuddin Hamid
The Economic Value of Mangroves: A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Marwa E. Salem | D. Evan Mercer
Audio Segmentation using Line Spectral Pairs

Author(s): N. P. Jawarkar | R. S. Holambe | T. K. Basu
Green Marketing: Opportunities And Challenges

Author(s): Tushar K. Savale | Anil F. Sharma | Prabodhan U. Patil
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