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A research for identifying study anxiety sources among university students

Author(s): Prima Vitasari | Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab | Ahmad Othman | Muhammad Ghani Awang
Diagnosis, phenomenology and treatment of poststroke depression

Author(s): Starkstein Sergio E | Lischinsky Alicia
The effect of the state anxiety level on tennis exam performance in university students

Author(s): Koray Coşkun | Asuman Şahan | Alparslan Kemal Erman
Perceptions of Prospective Teachers in Relation to Civil Cervant Selection Exam (KPSS)

Author(s): Kerim GÜNDOĞDU | Nesrin ÇİMEN | Serap TURAN
The PsyCoLaus study: methodology and characteristics of the sample of a population-based survey on psychiatric disorders and their association with genetic and cardiovascular risk factors

Author(s): Preisig Martin | Waeber Gérard | Vollenweider Peter | Bovet Pascal | Rothen Stéphane | Vandeleur Caroline | Guex Patrice | Middleton Lefkos | Waterworth Dawn | Mooser Vincent | Tozzi Federica | Muglia Pierandrea
The Effect of Exam Stress on Serum IL-6, Cortisol, CRP and IgE Levels

Author(s): SA Shamsdin | M Anvar | D Mehrabani
The Relationship of Akathisia with Psychiatric Symptoms, Suicidality and Other Movement Disorders in Patients on Antipsychotic Treatment

Author(s): Bora Baskak | Aslı Yolaç-Yarpuz | Halise Devrimci-Özgüven | Cem Atbaşoğlu
Analysis of test anxiety in medical students

Author(s): Latas Milan | Pantić Marina | Obradović Danilo
Variation of Test anxiety over Listening and Speaking Test Performance

Author(s): Nematullah Shomoossi | Zohreh Kassaian | Saeed Ketabi
Gynecologic oncology patients' satisfaction and symptom severity during palliative chemotherapy

Author(s): von Gruenigen Vivian | Hutchins Jessica | Reidy Anne | Gibbons Heidi | Daly Barbara | Eldermire Elisa | Fusco Nancy

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