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Barriers for introducing HIV testing among tuberculosis patients in Jogjakarta, Indonesia: a qualitative study

Author(s): Mahendradhata Yodi | Ahmad Riris | Lefèvre Pierre | Boelaert Marleen | Stuyft Patrick
Burnout and use of HIV services among health care workers in Lusaka District, Zambia: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kruse Gina | Chapula Bushimbwa | Ikeda Scott | Nkhoma Mavis | Quiterio Nicole | Pankratz Debra | Mataka Kaluba | Chi Benjamin | Bond Virginia | Reid Stewart
General and compulsory technical education

Author(s): Furmarek Waldemar
Effect of informing the diagnosis on depressive state in patients with non-small cell lung cancer of stage Ⅲ

Author(s): Wei WANG | Ping CHEN | Xianglin PI | Anlan WANG | Xiaoping WEN | Dong HUANG
Moving On (Editorial)

Author(s): Lindsay Glynn
Breaking bad news issues: A survey among radiation oncologists

Author(s): Kumar Milind | Goyal Shikha | Singh Karuna | Pandit Subhas | Sharma D | Verma Arun | Rath G | Bhatnagar Sushma
The child and family facing the perioperative

Author(s): Fernanda Braga Hernandes, Maria Elisabeth Cestari
Prevention of the Choking Game: Parent Perspectives

Author(s): Jessica M. Joseph | W. Hobart Davies
Poczucie znajomości i zjawisko mam na końcu języka u chorych na schizofrenię

Author(s): Ewa Małgorzata Szepietowska | Anna Oroń
Community patterns of stigma towards persons living with HIV: A population-based latent class analysis from rural Vietnam

Author(s): Pharris Anastasia | Hoa Nguyen | Tishelman Carol | Marrone Gaetano | Kim Chuc Nguyen | Brugha Ruairí | Thorson Anna
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