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Identification of a novel picornavirus related to cosaviruses in a child with acute diarrhea

Author(s): Holtz Lori | Finkbeiner Stacy | Kirkwood Carl | Wang David
RAId_DbS: Peptide Identification using Database Searches with Realistic Statistics

Author(s): Alves Gelio | Ogurtsov Aleksey | Yu Yi-Kuo
Reinterpretation of the protein identification process for proteomics data

Author(s): Kyung-Hoon Kwon | Sang Kwang Lee | Gun Wook Park | Kun Cho | Byeong Soo Kang | Young Mok Park
Discovery and SAR exploration of N-aryl-N-(3-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-5-yl)amines as potential therapeutic agents for prostate cancer

Author(s): Krasavin Mikhail | Rufanov Konstantin | Sosnov Andrey | Karapetian Ruben | Godovykh Elena | Soldatkina Olga | Lavrovsky Yan | Gakh Andrei
Drug Discovery

Author(s): Nutan Prakash | Patel Devangi
Virtual high throughput screening (vHTS) - A perspective

Author(s): Sangeetha Subramaniam | Monica Mehrotra | Dinesh Gupta
An expressed sequence tag (EST) library for Drosophila serrata, a model system for sexual selection and climatic adaptation studies

Author(s): Frentiu Francesca | Adamski Marcin | McGraw Elizabeth | Blows Mark | Chenoweth Stephen
New genes of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri involved in pathogenesis and adaptation revealed by a transposon-based mutant library

Author(s): Laia Marcelo | Moreira Leandro | Dezajacomo Juliana | Brigati Joice | Ferreira Cristiano | Ferro Maria | Silva Ana | Ferro Jesus | Oliveira Julio
Analysis of colorectal cancers for human cytomegalovirus presence

Author(s): Bender Cecilia | Zipeto Donato | Bidoia Carlo | Costantini Silvia | Zamò Alberto | Menestrina Fabio | Bertazzoni Umberto
Translocation Biosensors – Cellular System Integrators to Dissect CRM1-Dependent Nuclear Export by Chemicogenomics

Author(s): Verena Fetz | Shirley K. Knauer | Carolin Bier | Jens Peter von Kries | Roland H. Stauber
Data integration from two microarray platforms identifies bi-allelic genetic inactivation of RIC8A in a breast cancer cell line

Author(s): Muggerud Aslaug | Edgren Henrik | Wolf Maija | Kleivi Kristine | Dejeux Emelyne | Tost Jörg | Sørlie Therese | Kallioniemi Olli
Ligand scaffold hopping combining 3D maximal substructure search and molecular similarity

Author(s): Quintus Flavien | Sperandio Olivier | Grynberg Julien | Petitjean Michel | Tuffery Pierre
Identification of expressed genes during compatible interaction between stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) and wheat using a cDNA library

Author(s): Ma Jinbiao | Huang Xueling | Wang Xiaojie | Chen Xianming | Qu Zhipeng | Huang Lili | Kang Zhensheng
BOAT: Basic Oligonucleotide Alignment Tool

Author(s): Zhao Shu-Qi | Wang Jun | Zhang Li | Li Jiong-Tang | Gu Xiaocheng | Gao Ge | Wei Liping
Analysis of a normalised expressed sequence tag (EST) library from a key pollinator, the bumblebee Bombus terrestris

Author(s): Sadd Ben | Kube Michael | Klages Sven | Reinhardt Richard | Schmid-Hempel Paul
Bidirectional best hit r-window gene clusters

Author(s): Zhang Melvin | Leong Hon Wai
Development of a SNP resource and a genetic linkage map for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Author(s): Hubert Sophie | Higgins Brent | Borza Tudor | Bowman Sharen
Artificial and natural duplicates in pyrosequencing reads of metagenomic data

Author(s): Niu Beifang | Fu Limin | Sun Shulei | Li Weizhong
IKKβ inhibitor identification: a multi-filter driven novel scaffold

Author(s): Nagarajan Shanthi | Choo Hyunah | Cho Yong | Shin Kye Jung | Oh Kwang-Seok | Lee Byung | Pae Ae
The discovery of potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: A combination of pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, and molecular docking studies

Author(s): Lu Shin-Hua | Wu Josephine | Liu Hsuan-Liang | Zhao Jian-Hua | Liu Kung-Tien | Chuang Chih-Kuang | Lin Hsin-Yi | Tsai Wei-Bor | Ho Yih
Identification of tsunami deposits and liquefaction features in the Gargano area (Italy): paleoseismological implication

Author(s): P. M. De Martini | P. Burrato | D. Pantosti | A. Maramai | L. Graziani | H. Abramson
Approaching the taxonomic affiliation of unidentified sequences in public databases – an example from the mycorrhizal fungi

Author(s): Nilsson R Henrik | Kristiansson Erik | Ryberg Martin | Larsson Karl-Henrik
Computational identification of strain-, species- and genus-specific proteins

Author(s): Mazumder Raja | Natale Darren | Murthy Sudhir | Thiagarajan Rathi | Wu Cathy
TF Target Mapper: A BLAST search tool for the identification of Transcription Factor target genes

Author(s): Horsman Sebastiaan | Moorhouse Michael | de Jager Victor | van der Spek Peter | Grosveld Frank | Strouboulis John | Katsantoni Eleni
A wing expressed sequence tag resource for Bicyclus anynana butterflies, an evo-devo model

Author(s): Beldade Patrícia | Rudd Stephen | Gruber Jonathan | Long Anthony
A gene-based radiation hybrid map of the gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata refines and exploits conserved synteny with Tetraodon nigroviridis

Author(s): Sarropoulou Elena | Franch Rafaella | Louro Bruno | Power Deborah | Bargelloni Luca | Magoulas Antonios | Senger Fabrice | Tsalavouta Matina | Patarnello Tomaso | Galibert Francis | Kotoulas Georgios | Geisler Robert
SAMPI: Protein Identification with Mass Spectra Alignments

Author(s): Kaltenbach Hans-Michael | Wilke Andreas | Böcker Sebastian
Calibrating E-values for MS2 database search methods

Author(s): Alves Gelio | Ogurtsov Aleksey | Wu Wells | Wang Guanghui | Shen Rong-Fong | Yu Yi-Kuo
Protein kinase substrate identification on functional protein arrays

Author(s): Meng Lihao | Michaud Gregory | Merkel Janie | Zhou Fang | Huang Jing | Mattoon Dawn | Schweitzer Barry
PURE: A webserver for the prediction of domains in unassigned regions in proteins

Author(s): Reddy Chilamakuri | Shameer Khader | Offmann Bernard | Sowdhamini Ramanathan

Author(s): Ivanovic Slobodan | Kresimir Mikinac | Luka Perman
3D QSAR Pharmacophore Modeling, in Silico Screening, and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Approaches for Identification of Human Chymase Inhibitors

Author(s): Mahreen Arooj | Sundarapandian Thangapandian | Shalini John | Swan Hwang | Jong Keun Park | Keun Woo Lee
Detecting genomic regions associated with a disease using variability functions and Adjusted Rand Index

Author(s): Badescu Dunarel | Boc Alix | Diallo Abdoulaye | Makarenkov Vladimir
MetaboHunter: an automatic approach for identification of metabolites from 1H-NMR spectra of complex mixtures

Author(s): Tulpan Dan | Léger Serge | Belliveau Luc | Culf Adrian | Čuperlović-Culf Miroslava
EuDBase: An online resource for automated EST analysis pipeline (ESTFrontier) and database for red seaweed Eucheuma denticulatum

Author(s): Zeti Azura Mohamed Hussein * | Kok Keong Loke | Rabiatul Adawiah Zainal Abidin | Roohaida Othman
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
A QoS Control Approach in Differentiated Web Caching Service

Author(s): Ang Gao | Dejun Mu | Yansu Hu
Edge Detection Using Morphological Method and Corner Detection Using Chain Code Algorithm

Author(s): Anjan Bikash Maity | Sandip Mandal | Ranjan Podder
Crystal structures of Burkholderia cenocepacia dihydropteroate synthase in the apo-form and complexed with the product 7,8-dihydropteroate

Author(s): Morgan Rachel | Batot Gaëlle | Dement Jennifer | Rao Vincenzo | Eadsforth Thomas | Hunter William
Time-Frequency Decomposition of Seismic Signals Based on Short Time Fourier Transform

Author(s): Vidosav Stojanović | Miomir Stanković | Igor Radovanović
Systematic Approaches towards the Development of Host-Directed Antiviral Therapeutics

Author(s): Andrew Prussia | Pahk Thepchatri | James P. Snyder | Richard K. Plemper

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