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The Intramolecular Radical Cation Induced Diels-Alder Reaction in the Diene - Diene Format

Author(s): David B. Rusterholz | David B. Gorman | Paul G. Gassman
Histochemistry and cytology of the mucosa of small stomach in Alligator sinensis

Author(s): ZHANG Sheng-Zhou | PAN Hong-Zhen | CHEN Hong-Hong | WU Xiao-Bing | WANG Chao-Lin | ZHU Hong-Xing
Development of Individual Learners: Perspective on the Uncertain Future Contribution of E-Learning

Author(s): Zaki Ahmad Dahlan | Nor Arzami Othman | Mohd Fazril Izhar Mohd Idris | Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Transformaciones constitucionales en Bolivia.

Author(s): Franco Gamboa Rocabado.
Evaluation of a partial retinal surface tear by optical coherence tomography

Author(s): Kawazoe K | Ohno H | Inoue K | Yanagi Y
Social factors as mediators of public health

Author(s): Gilda Zárate González | Miguel A. Pérez
Flash! Mobs in the Age of Mobile Connectivity

Author(s): Judith A. Nicholson
Harvesting the Mouse Genome

Author(s): Marc Botcherby
Treatment and Reuse of Tannery Waste Water by Embedded System

Author(s): S. Krishanamoorthi | V. Sivakumar | K. Saravanan | T.V. Sriram Prabhu
Optical coherence tomography guided peeling of macular epiretinal membrane

Author(s): Yoshio Hirano | Tsutomu Yasukawa | Yuichiro Ogura
Evidence-centered Design of Epistemic Games: Measurement Principles for Complex Learning Environments

Author(s): André A. Rupp | Matthew Gushta | Robert J. Mislevy | David Williamson Shaffer
Security in Pervasive Computing: Current Status and Open Issues

Author(s): Munirul Haque | Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Security on Generalized Feistel Scheme with SP Round Function

Author(s): Wenling Wu | Wentao Zhang | Dongdai Lin
Instilling Moral Values in Report Writing Course

Author(s): Hajjah Siti Akmar Abu Samah | Hj.Kamaruzaman Jusoff
Median nerve compression and the reversed palmaris longus

Author(s): Cope JM | Looney EM | Craig CA | Gawron R | Lampros R | Mahoney R
Modified knowledge in the field of architecture

Author(s): Ståhl, Lars-Henrik
Intellectual Property Valuation Decision Support System for University Research Output: A Conceptual Model

Author(s): Kamarulzaman Ab Aziz | Hezlin Harris | Nor Azlina Ab. Aziz
Girls, identities and agency in adolescents' digital literacy practices

Author(s): Dimitrios Koutsogiannis | Vassiliki Adampa
Phylogeography of Francisella tularensis subspecies holarctica from the country of Georgia

Author(s): Chanturia Gvantsa | Birdsell Dawn | Kekelidze Merab | Zhgenti Ekaterine | Babuadze George | Tsertsvadze Nikoloz | Tsanava Shota | Imnadze Paata | Beckstrom-Sternberg Stephen | Beckstrom-Sternberg James | Champion Mia | Sinari Shripad | Gyuranecz Miklos | Farlow Jason | Pettus Amanda | Kaufman Emily | Busch Joseph | Pearson Talima | Foster Jeffrey | Vogler Amy | Wagner David | Keim Paul
The Regime is Dead! Long Live the Regime!

Author(s): Emmanuel C. Lallana
Enhancement of Throughput for Multi Hop WPAN’s Using UWB - OFDM Physical layer

Author(s): Ch. Subrahmanyam | K. Chennakesava Reddy | Syed Abdul Sattar
Palm Oil Milling Wastes and Sustainable Development

Author(s): A. C. Er | Abd. R.M. Nor | Katiman Rostam

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