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Wireless Sensor Network for Landslide Monitoring in Nusa Tenggara Timur

Author(s): Herry Z. Kotta | Kalvein Rantelobo | Silvester Tena | Gregorius Klau
A Tilt, Soil Moisture, and Pore Water Pressure Sensor System for Slope Monitoring Applications

Author(s): Rosanno de Dios | Jason Enriquez | Francis Gabriel Victorino | Earl Anthony Mendoza | Marc Caesar Talampas | Joel Joseph Marciano Jr.
Laboratory Experiments on Steady State Seepage-Induced Landslides Using Slope Models and Sensors

Author(s): Sandra G. Catane | Mark Albert H. Zarco | Cathleen Joyce N. Cordero | Roy Albert N. Kaimo | Ricarido M. Saturay, Jr.
Real-time inversion of tsunamis generated by landslides

Author(s): C. Cecioni | A. Romano | G. Bellotti | M. Risio | P. de Girolamo

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