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Photospheric magnetic vortex structures

Author(s): S. Shelyag | V. Fedun | F. P. Keenan | R. Erdélyi | M. Mathioudakis
Simulating solar MHD

Author(s): M. Schüssler
Acoustic oscillations in a field-free cavity under solar small-scale bipolar magnetic canopy

Author(s): D. Kuridze | T. V. Zaqarashvili | B. M. Shergelashvili | S. Poedts
Disentangling stellar activity and planetary signals

Author(s): Boisse I. | Bouchy F. | Hébrard G. | Bonfils X. | Santos N.C. | Vauclair S.
Starspots: A Key to the Stellar Dynamo

Author(s): Berdyugina Svetlana V.
Stellar Chromospheric Activity

Author(s): Hall Jeffrey C.
Evolution and decay of an active region: Magnetic shear, flare and CME activity

Author(s): C. H. Mandrini | L. van Driel-Gresztelyi | B. Thompson | S. Punkett | P. Démoulin | G. Aulanier
Solar activity monitoring and forecasting capabilities at Big Bear Solar Observatory

Author(s): P. T. Gallagher | C. Denker | V. Yurchyshyn | T. Spirock | J. Qiu | H. Wang | P. R. Goode
Magnetic reconnection processes induced by a CME expansion

Author(s): A. Bemporad | G. Poletto | F. Landini | M. Romoli
The link between CMEs, filaments and filament channels

Author(s): S. F. Martin | O. Panasenco | O. Engvold | Y. Lin
The role of lateral magnetic reconnection in solar eruptive events

Author(s): A. Soenen | A. Bemporad | C. Jacobs | S. Poedts
The Sun’s Supergranulation

Author(s): Michel Rieutord | François Rincon
A Note on the Constitution of the Sun

Author(s): Magnus H. G.
Solar Flares: Magnetohydrodynamic Processes

Author(s): Kazunari Shibata | Tetsuya Magara
Magnetic Structure of Sunspots

Author(s): Juan M. Borrero | Kiyoshi Ichimoto
Microwave fluctuations associated with the October 19, 1989 solar flare

Author(s): A. Méndez | G. Gil | R. E. Rodríguez
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