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Bentonite, stabilizer for suspension polymerisation

Mathematical modeling of polystyrene particle size distribution produced by suspension polymerization

Author(s): Machado R.A.F. | Pinto J.C. | Araújo P.H.H. | Bolzan A.
Water absorption and mechanical properties of water-swellable natural rubber

Author(s): Diew Saijun | Charoen Nakason | Azizon Kaesaman | Pairote Klinpituksa
Alcohol dehydrogenase immobilization on functionalized carbon nano-tubes modified electrode

Author(s): Seyed Ahmad Dehdast | Hedayatollah Ghourchian | Hossain Ali Rafiee-pour
Enzyme Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay of Free hCGβ in Serum Based on Superparamagnetic Polymer Microbeads

Author(s): Xiaoying Guo | Yueping Guan | Bin Yang | Yongning Wang | Hualong Lan | Wentang Shi | Zhenghui Yang | Zuhong Lu
Role of cytosolic calcium and actin polymerization on agonist-induced secretion by the platelets of liver cirrhosis patients

Author(s): Sam Annie-Jeyachristy | Arumugam Geetha | Rajagopal Surendran | Subburayan Jeevan Kumar | Sarangapani Arulprakash
Influence of the way of synthesis of poly(methyl methacrylate) in the presence of surface modified TiO2 nanoparticles on the properties of obtained nanocomposites

Author(s): Džunuzović Enis S. | Marinović-Cincović Milena T. | Džunuzović Jasna V. | Jeremić Katarina B. | Nedeljković Jovan M.
Pyk2 controls filamentous actin formation in human glomerular mesangial cells via modulation of profilin expression

Author(s): Victoriya A Rufanova | Anna Alexanian | Tetsuro Wakatsuki | Andrey Sorokin
HPMA and HEMA copolymer bead interactions with eukaryotic cells

Author(s): Vianna-Soares Cristina D. | Cherng-Ju Kim | Ciftci Kadriye | Borenstein Michael R.
On the Complexity of Electrostatic Suspension Stabilization of Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles for Biotargeting and Imaging Applications

Author(s): Lotta Bergman | Jessica Rosenholm | Anna-Brita Öst | Alain Duchanoy | Pasi Kankaanpää | Jyrki Heino | Mika Lindén
Razvoj novih procesa proizvodnje pjenećeg polistirena / Advanced processes of expandable polystyrene production

Author(s): Zvonimir JANOVIĆ | Karla SARIĆ | Ante JUKIĆ | Stanislav JURJAŠEVIĆ
Preparation and Characterization of Poly(divinylbenzene) Microcapsules Containing Octadecane

Author(s): Preeyaporn Chaiyasat | Amorn Chaiyasat | Waraporn Boontung | Supaporn Promdsorn | Sutanya Thipsit
Degradation of Diclofenac in Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Submicron Particles by UV Light Irradiation and HCl Acid Treatment

Author(s): Mohammad Hassanzadeh-Khayyat | Edward P. C. Lai | Kerim Kollu | Banu Ormeci
Preparation of polydivinylbenzene/natural rubber capsule encapsulating octadecane: Influence of natural rubber molecular weight and content

Author(s): P. Chaiyasat | A. Chaiyasat | C. Waree | K. Songkhamrod | P. Sirithip | V. Voranuch
Silver Nanoparticles and Graphitic Carbon Through Thermal Decomposition of a Silver/Acetylenedicarboxylic Salt

Author(s): Dallas Panagiotis | Bourlinos Athanasios | Komninou Philomela | Karakassides Michael | Niarchos Dimitrios
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