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Modelling the effects of (short-term) solar variability on stratospheric chemistry

Author(s): R. Muncaster | M. S. Bourqui | S. Chabrillat | S. Viscardy | S. Melo | P. Charbonneau
Evaluation of the sectional aerosol microphysics module SALSA implementation in ECHAM5-HAM aerosol-climate model

Author(s): T. Bergman | V.-M. Kerminen | H. Korhonen | K. J. Lehtinen | R. Makkonen | A. Arola | T. Mielonen | S. Romakkaniemi | M. Kulmala | H. Kokkola
Transpacific transport of benzo[a]pyrene emitted from Asia

Author(s): Y. Zhang | S. Tao | J. Ma | S. Simonich
The impact of large scale ionospheric structure on radio occultation retrievals

Author(s): A. J. Mannucci | C. O. Ao | X. Pi | B. A. Iijima
How are flood risk estimates affected by the choice of return-periods?

Author(s): P. J. Ward | H. de Moel | J. C. J. H. Aerts
Validity of satellite measurements used for the monitoring of UV radiation risk on health

Author(s): F. Jégou | S. Godin-Beekman | M. P. Corrêa | C. Brogniez | F. Auriol | V. H. Peuch | M. Haeffelin | A. Pazmino | P. Saiag | F. Goutail | E. Mahé
Improved convergence and stability properties in a three-dimensional higher-order ice sheet model

Author(s): J. J. Fürst | O. Rybak | H. Goelzer | B. De Smedt | P. de Groen | P. Huybrechts
A Study of Factor Structure of 3, 9 and 14-item Persian Versions of Ryff's Scales Psychological Well-being in University Students

Author(s): Omid Shokri | Parvin Kadivar | Valiollah Farzad | Zohreh Daneshvarpour | Reza Dastjerdi | Maryam Paeezi
Stress analysis in mandibular molars restored with cast and pre-fabricated post-and-cores using finite element technique

Author(s): Mojtaba Mahmoodi | Ali Reza Saeidi | Sayed Abdolreza Ganjalikhan Nasab | Maryam sadat Hashemipour
Decomposition of Earnings-to-Price (E/P) Effect

Author(s): Walid Saleh | Ayman Bitar
Investigation of the Relationship Between Molluscum Pendulum and Impairment of Carbohydrate Metabolism

Author(s): Murat Kemal | Göksun | Neslihan | Ekin | Meltem | Çiğdem | Engin
Three-stage entry game: The strategic effects of advertising

Author(s): Kuzmanović Marija | Kovačević-Vujčić Vera | Martić Milan
Risk Score Model for Predicting Sonographic Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Adolescents

Author(s): Sayed-Mohsen Hosseini | Saeid Mousavi | Parinaz Poursafa | Roya Kelishadi
A New Approach to Electronic Shopping in Insurance Industry

Author(s): Kambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee | Leila Karimian
Applying a Model of Patient's Right in the State Hospital, Sari, Iran

Author(s): Ghasem Abedi | Layla Azimehr | Farideh Rostami | Samira Mohammadi
Three-dimensional factorization of size-resolved organic aerosol mass spectra from Mexico City

Author(s): I. M. Ulbrich | M. R. Canagaratna | M. J. Cubison | Q. Zhang | N. L. Ng | A. C. Aiken | J. L. Jimenez
Comparing Lagrangian and Eulerian models for CO2 transport – a step towards Bayesian inverse modeling using WRF/STILT-VPRM

Author(s): D. Pillai | C. Gerbig | R. Kretschmer | V. Beck | U. Karstens | B. Neininger | M. Heimann
Potential effects of climate change on inundation patterns in the Amazon Basin

Author(s): F. Langerwisch | S. Rost | D. Gerten | B. Poulter | A. Rammig | W. Cramer
Prevalence of risk factors for non-communicable diseases

Author(s): Budimka Novaković | Jelena Jovičić | Mirjana Martinov-Cvejin | Biljana Božin | Maja Grujičić | Dušan Đurić | Neda Lakić | Vesna Mijatović-Jovanović
Students' Attitude in a Web-enhanced Hybrid Course: A Structural Equation Modeling Inquiry

Author(s): Cheng-Chang Sam Pan | Stephen Sivo | James Brophy
Computational Modeling of Cell Survival Using VHDL

Author(s): Shruti Jain1, | Pradeep K. Naik | Sunil V. Bhooshan
Deglaciation records of 17O-excess in East Antarctica: reliable reconstruction of oceanic normalized relative humidity from coastal sites

Author(s): R. Winkler | A. Landais | H. Sodemann | L. Dümbgen | F. Prié | V. Masson-Delmotte | B. Stenni | J. Jouzel
Histotype-based prognostic classification of gastric cancer

Author(s): Anna Maria Chiaravalli | Catherine Klersy | Alessandro Vanoli | Andrea Ferretti | Carlo Capella | Enrico Solcia
Ranges of moisture-source temperatures estimated from Antarctic ice core stable isotope records over the glacial-interglacial cycles

Author(s): R. Uemura | V. Masson-Delmotte | J. Jouzel | A. Landais | H. Motoyama | B. Stenni
Greenland ice sheet albedo feedback: thermodynamics and atmospheric drivers

Author(s): J. E. Box | X. Fettweis | J. C. Stroeve | M. Tedesco | D. K. Hall | K. Steffen
Submicron particles influenced by mixed biogenic and anthropogenic emissions: high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry results from the Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): A. Setyan | Q. Zhang | M. Merkel | W. B. Knighton | Y. Sun | C. Song | J. E. Shilling | T. B. Onasch | S. C. Herndon | D. R. Worsnop | J. D. Fast | R. A. Zaveri | L. K. Berg | A. Wiedensohler | B. A. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | R. Subramanian

Author(s): Eduardo TORRES-MORAGA (corresponding author) | Arturo Z. VÁSQUEZ-PARRAGA | Cristóbal BARRA
Psychometric Properties of Thought Fusion Instrument (TFI) in Students

Author(s): Kazem Khoramdel | Mehdi Rabiee | Hossein Molavi | Hamid Taher Neshatdoost
The Effect of Stress on Visual Selective Attention Regarding Conscientiousness

Author(s): Amir Mohammad Shahsavarani | Seyed Kazem Rasoolzade Tabatabaei | Abbas Ali Allahyari | Hassan Ashayeri | Kolsoom Sattari
Comparative Performance Analysis Of Different Radio Channel Modelling For Bluetooth Localization System

Author(s): Idigo Victor | Okezie C.C | Akpado Kenneth | Ohaneme C.O
Schistosoma japonicum ova maintains epithelial barrier function during experimental colitis

Author(s): Chen-Mei Xia | Yuan Zhao | Li Jiang | Jie Jiang | Shun-Cai Zhang
Aerosols-cloud microphysics-thermodynamics-turbulence: evaluating supersaturation in a marine stratocumulus cloud

Author(s): F. Ditas | R. A. Shaw | H. Siebert | M. Simmel | B. Wehner | A. Wiedensohler
A Fire Risk Modelling and Spatialization by GIS

Author(s): Mohamed Said Guettouche | Amar Derias | Makhlouf Boutiba | Mohand ou Abdallah Bounif | Mostefa Guendouz | Amar Boudella
Three-Factor structure of self-report schizotypal traits in a French nonclinical sample

Author(s): Jérôme Brunelin | Patrick Dumas | Mohamed Saoud | Thierry d’Amato | Emmanuel Poulet
Transformer Characteristics of LinearMotor-Transformer Apparatus

Author(s): Nobuo Fujii | Shuhei Kanamitsu | Takeshi Mizuma
Phenotypic characterization of patient dengue virus isolates in BALB/c mice differentiates dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever from dengue shock syndrome

Author(s): Tuiskunen Anne | Wahlström Maria | Bergström Jakob | Buchy Philippe | Leparc-Goffart Isabelle | Lundkvist Åke
Terra and Aqua satellites track tiger mosquito invasion: modelling the potential distribution of Aedes albopictus in north-eastern Italy

Author(s): Neteler Markus | Roiz David | Rocchini Duccio | Castellani Cristina | Rizzoli Annapaola
Factor analysis of attentional set-shifting performance in young and aged mice

Author(s): Tanaka Shoji | Young Jared | Gresack Jodi | Geyer Mark | Risbrough Victoria
Comparison of prevalence of metabolic syndrome in hospital and community-based Japanese patients with schizophrenia

Author(s): Sugawara Norio | Yasui-Furukori Norio | Sato Yasushi | Kishida Ikuko | Yamashita Hakuei | Saito Manabu | Furukori Hanako | Nakagami Taku | Hatakeyama Mitsunori | Kaneko Sunao
A single amino acid change within the R2 domain of the VvMYB5b transcription factor modulates affinity for protein partners and target promoters selectivity

Author(s): Hichri Imène | Deluc Laurent | Barrieu François | Bogs Jochen | Mahjoub Ali | Regad Farid | Gallois Bernard | Granier Thierry | Trossat-Magnin Claudine | Gomès Eric | Lauvergeat Virginie
Validation aspects of the health of the nation outcome scales

Author(s): Lovaglio Pietro | Monzani Emiliano
Psychometric properties of the IDS-SR30 for the assessment of depressive symptoms in spanish population

Author(s): Gili Margalida | Luciano Juan | Bauzá Natalia | Aguado Jaume | Serrano María | Armengol Silvia | Roca Miquel
Validation of a proposed WOMAC short form for patients with hip osteoarthritis

Author(s): Bilbao Amaia | Quintana José | Escobar Antonio | Las Hayas Carlota | Orive Miren
A mathematical model for targeting chemicals to tissues by exploiting complex degradation

Author(s): Gardiner Bruce | Zhang Lihai | Smith David | Pivonka Peter | Grodzinsky Alan
Age at diagnosis of diabetes in Appalachia

Author(s): Barker Lawrence | Gerzoff Robert | Crespo Richard | Shrewsberry Molly
Traffic-related air toxics and preterm birth: a population-based case-control study in Los Angeles county, California

Author(s): Wilhelm Michelle | Ghosh Jo Kay | Su Jason | Cockburn Myles | Jerrett Michael | Ritz Beate
Carotid artery calcification at the initiation of hemodialysis is a risk factor for cardiovascular events in patients with end-stage renal disease: a cohort study

Author(s): Nakayama Masaru | Ura Yoriko | Nagata Masaharu | Okada Yasushi | Sumida Yoko | Nishida Kanako | Ikeda Hirofumi | Kaizu Yoshiki
4D Near-Field Source Localization Using Cumulant

Author(s): Liang Junli | Yang Shuyuan | Zhang Junying | Gao Li | Zhao Feng
Thermal stability of hepatitis E virus assessed by a molecular biological approach

Author(s): Schielke Anika | Filter Matthias | Appel Bernd | Johne Reimar
Development of the Tilburg Pregnancy Distress Scale: the TPDS

Author(s): Pop Victor | Pommer Antoinette | Pop-Purceleanu Monica | Wijnen Hennie | Bergink Veerle | Pouwer Frans
Niche differentiation of two sympatric species of Microdochium colonizing the roots of common reed

Author(s): Ernst Michael | Neubert Karin | Mendgen Kurt | Wirsel Stefan
Inductive negasensor

Author(s): Voytscekhovskaya Ye. V. | Lishchynska L. B. | Lazarev A. A.
FLC based adjustable speed drives for power quality enhancement

Author(s): Sukumar Darly | Ranjan Vanaja | Rabi Justus Benjamin

Author(s): Tartavulea Ramona Iulia | Belu Mihaela Gabriela | Dieaconescu Vlad Constantin
La productividad desde una perspectiva humana: Dimensiones y factores

Author(s): Mirza Marvel Cequea | Carlos Rodríguez Monroy | Miguel Angel Núñez Bottini

Author(s): Frederic Marimon i Viadiu | Eduard Cristobal Fransi
Processes controlling the Si-isotopic composition in the Southern Ocean and application for paleoceanography

Author(s): F. Fripiat | A.-J. Cavagna | F. Dehairs | A. de Brauwere | L. André | D. Cardinal
Airborne observations of formic acid using a chemical ionisation mass spectrometer

Author(s): M. Le Breton | M. R. McGillen | J. B. A. Muller | A. Bacak | D. E. Shallcross | P. Xiao | L. G. Huey | D. Tanner | H. Coe | C. J. Percival
Evaluation of a three-dimensional chemical transport model (PMCAMx) in the European domain during the EUCAARI May 2008 campaign

Author(s): C. Fountoukis | P. N. Racherla | H. A. C. Denier van der Gon | P. Polymeneas | P. E. Charalampidis | C. Pilinis | A. Wiedensohler | M. Dall'Osto | C. O'Dowd | S. N. Pandis
Snow optical properties at Dome C (Concordia), Antarctica; implications for snow emissions and snow chemistry of reactive nitrogen

Author(s): J. L. France | M. D. King | M. M. Frey | J. Erbland | G. Picard | S. Preunkert | A. MacArthur | J. Savarino
Improved convergence and stability properties in a three-dimensional higher-order ice sheet model

Author(s): J. J. Fürst | O. Rybak | H. Goelzer | B. De Smedt | P. de Groen | P. Huybrechts
Aerosol hygroscopic growth parameterization based on a solute specific coefficient

Author(s): S. Metzger | B. Steil | L. Xu | J. E. Penner | J. Lelieveld
The Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN): a high resolution global model to estimate the emissions from open burning

Author(s): C. Wiedinmyer | S. K. Akagi | R. J. Yokelson | L. K. Emmons | J. A. Al-Saadi | J. J. Orlando | A. J. Soja
The effects of growth hormone administration on bone density in healthy adult rabbits

Author(s): Ahrari Khafi MS | Soroori S | Nakhjavani M | Mortazavi P | Vajhi AR | Bahonar AR
Reliability of Determination of Bony Landmarks of the Distal Femur on MR Images and MRI-Based 3D Models

Author(s): F. Esfandiarpour | G.R. Olyaei | A. Shakouri Rad | F. Farahmand | S. Talebian | M. Makhsous | M. Parnianpour
Evaluation of the Role of System Matrix in SPECT Images Reconstructed by OSEM Technique

Author(s): Mohsen Hajizadeh | Seyed Rasoul Zakavi | Mehdi Momen-Nejad | Maryam Naji
Effect of Immunomodulator Pyrimethamine and Cimetidine on Immunosuppression Induced by Burn Blister Fluid

Author(s): Behnaz Gharegozloo | Zuhair M. Hassan | Sussan K. Ardestani | Nasser Tavassoli
Formulation development and optimization of nimesulide tablets by central composit design and effect of surfactants on dissolution studies

Author(s): Muhammad Hanif1, Muhammad Harris Shoaib1*, Rabia Ismail Yousaf1, Iyad Naeem Muhammad1, Ahmad Khan1, Tariq Ali2 and Shahnila Sattar3
Tourism, Terms of Trade and Welfare to the Poor

Author(s): Bharat R Hazari | Jianjing Lin
Frost-resistance of red ceramic products

Author(s): Ramires, M. V. V. | Madruga, T. P. | Bergman, C. P.
Asset Pricing Model and the Liquidity Effect: Empirical Evidence in the Brazilian Stock Market

Author(s): Márcio André Veras Machado | Otávio Ribeiro de Medeiros
CHex: An Efficient RDF Storage and Indexing Scheme for Column-Oriented Databases

Author(s): Xin Wang | Shuyi Wang | Pufeng Du | Zhiyong Feng
Effects of Added Boar Taint Substances (Skatole and Androstenone) on the Sensory Quality of Pork

Author(s): Agnes Kirsching | Gyorgy Bazar | Szilvia Szvath | Robert Romvari
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Structure of Statistics Anxiety Measure: An Examination of Four Alternative Models

Author(s): Shahram Vahedi, PhD | Farahman Farrokhi, PhD | Hossein Bevrani, PhD
Optimum Condition of Ecologic Feed Fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus Using Soybean Curd Residue as Raw Materials

Author(s): Min Shi | Yingnan Yang | Yiting Li | Yuepeng Wang | Zhenya Zhang
Complex Queries in P2P Networks with Resource-Constrained Devices

Author(s): Christian Dannewitz | Thorsten Biermann | Martin Dräxler | Holger Karl
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
The Study for the Prediction Model of China Population Growth

Author(s): Jingguo Qu | Yuhuan Cui | Aimin Yang | Yamian Peng | Huancheng Zhang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi

Author(s): Stavroula Ntomali | Maria Psychountaki | Socrates Kaloupsis | Chrysoula Chairopoulou
Properties of a charge in the nanoheterosystems with quantum wells and barriers

Author(s): V.I. Boichuk | I.V. Bilynskyi | I.O. Shakleina | V.B. Holskyi
Genetic diversity in natural populations of Castanea mollissima inferred from nuclear SSR markers

Author(s): Hua Tian | Ming Kang | Li Li | Xiaohong Yao | Hongwen Huang
Improved Methods for Production Manufacturing Processes in Environmentally Benign Manufacturing

Author(s): Xian-Chun Tan | Yan-Yan Wang | Bai-He Gu | Ze-Kun Mu | Can Yang
Three-dimensional factorization of size-resolved organic aerosol mass spectra from Mexico City

Author(s): I. M. Ulbrich | M. R. Canagaratna | M. J. Cubison | Q. Zhang | N. L. Ng | A. C. Aiken | J. L. Jimenez
The variability of tropical ice cloud properties as a function of the large-scale context from ground-based radar-lidar observations over Darwin, Australia

Author(s): A. Protat | J. Delanoë | P. T. May | J. Haynes | C. Jakob | E. O'Connor | M. Pope | M. C. Wheeler
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