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Child-Centered Evaluation: Broadening the Child/Designer Dyad

Author(s): Sofia Pardo | Steve Howard | Frank Vetere
It is time to talk about people: a human-centered healthcare system

Author(s): Searl Meghan | Borgi Lea | Chemali Zeina
Product and service design for patient centered diabetes care

Author(s): Soumitri Varadarajan | Liam Fennessy | Helen McLean
Cooperative Software Development and Usability Evaluation: A Web-based Work Management System for Construction Sites

Author(s): Yasunori Shiono | Zhongli Kuang | Yoshitaka Nakagawa | Takaaki Goto | Kensei Tsuchida
Bringing the Everyday Life into Engineering Education

Author(s): Gert Pasman | Ingrid Mulder
Web Browser Personalisation Design of a Client Side Web-page Access Prediction Mechanism

Author(s): Mangesh V. Bedekar | Nilesh Kulkarni, | Atish Kathpal
Exploring Children's Requirements for Game-Based Learning Environments

Author(s): Tuula Nousiainen | Marja Kankaanranta
Digital Storytelling Makes Reading Fun and Entertaining

Author(s): Ariffin Abdul Mutalib | Nurulnadwan Aziz | Zatul Amilah Shaffiei
Pharmaco-Cybernetics as an Interactive Component of Pharma-Culture: Empowering Drug Knowledge through User-, Experience- and Activity-Centered Designs

Author(s): Kevin Yi-Lwern Yap | Xuejin Chuang | Alvin Jun Ming Lee | Raemarie Zejin Lee | Lijuan Lim | Jeanette Jiahui Lim | Ranasinghe Nimesha
User-centered virtual environment design for virtual rehabilitation

Author(s): Fidopiastis Cali | Rizzo Albert | Rolland Jannick
Bridging the gap: a virtual health record for integrated home care

Author(s): Maria Hägglund | Isabella Scandurra | Dennis Moström | Sabine Koch
Nano Technology (A Microscopic Solution)

Author(s): Govind Singh Tanwar | Ganesh Singh | Ravi Saharan
A User-Centered Design Approach to Develop a Web-Based Instructional Resource System for Homeland Education

Author(s): Chaoyun Liang | Wen-Shou Chou | Yu-Ling Hsu | Chien-Chien Yang
User Interface in Medical Information Systems – Common Problems and Sustainable Solutions

Author(s): Tatjana N. Stanković | Petar J. Rajković | Aleksandar M. Milenković | Dragan S. Janković
A Multifunctional Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired

Author(s): Céline Mancas-Thillou | Silvio Ferreira | Jonathan Demeyer | Christophe Minetti | Bernard Gosselin
Integración de Técnicas de Usabilidad y Accesibilidad en el Proceso de Desarrollo de Software de las MiPyMEs.

Author(s): Héctor F. Alarcón | Adrián M. Hurtado | César Pardo | César A. Collazos | Francisco J. Pino
Distributed usability evaluation of the Pennsylvania Cancer Atlas

Author(s): Bhowmick Tanuka | Robinson Anthony | Gruver Adrienne | MacEachren Alan | Lengerich Eugene
Can patient decision aids help people make good decisions about participating in clinical trials? A study protocol

Author(s): Brehaut Jamie | Lott Alison | Fergusson Dean | Shojania Kaveh | Kimmelman Jonathan | Saginur Raphael
Adopting E-Commerce To User's Needs

Author(s): Mohammad Alshehri | Hamza Aldabbas | James Sawle | Mai Abu Baqar
A Multifunctional Reading Assistant for the Visually Impaired

Author(s): Mancas-Thillou Céline | Ferreira Silvio | Demeyer Jonathan | Minetti Christophe | Gosselin Bernard
Rationale, design, and implementation protocol of an electronic health record integrated clinical prediction rule (iCPR) randomized trial in primary care

Author(s): Mann Devin | Kannry Joseph | Edonyabo Daniel | Li Alice | Arciniega Jacqueline | Stulman James | Romero Lucas | Wisnivesky Juan | Adler Rhodes | McGinn Thomas

Author(s): R. Castañeda | F. Gamboa | J. L. Pérez | L. Salas | C. Terrazas | L. Eslaba | A. Miranda
Development of Online Counseling System and Usability Evaluation

Author(s): Chieko Kato | Yasunori Shiono | Takaaki Goto | Kensei Tsuchida
User Experience-UX-and the Web Accessibility Standards

Author(s): Osama Sohaib | Walayat Hussain | M Khalid Badini
Cultural Issues and Their Relevance in Designing Usable Websites

Author(s): Alao Olujimi Daniel, Awodele Oludele, | Rehema Baguma, | Theo van der Weide
A Conceptual Usability Framework for Mobile Service Consumers

Author(s): Behrouz Sefid Dashti | Jafar Habibi
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