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水热法制备8YSZ纳米粉体及其烧结活性的研究 Hydrothermal Synthesis of 8YSZ Nanopowders and Their Sinterabilities

Author(s): 范宝安 | 颜家保 | 邱江华 | 颜晓潮

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 6;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 氧化钇稳定的氧化锆;纳米粉体;水热法;烧结活性 | 氧化钇稳定的氧化锆;纳米粉体;水热法;烧结活性

本文采用化学共沉淀结合水热晶化的方法,在200?C的温度下合成出了具有立方相的8YSZ([ZrO2]0.92?[Y2O3]0.08) 纳米粉体,粉体的晶粒尺寸在7 ~ 8 nm左右,粉体为软团聚,团聚体强度只有20MPa,粉体具有很高的烧结活性,1000?C下就开始了快速收缩,1065?C下收缩速率达到最快,1200?C下收缩基本结束,块体材料1000?C下保温8 h或1100?C下保温4 h以后就基本上实现了致密化,相比之下采用化学共沉淀结合水洗-醇洗-煅烧法需要在1300?C烧结10 h才能基本上实现致密化。水热晶化法制备的8YSZ纳米粉体的高烧结活性来自于粉体细小的晶粒尺寸和松散的软团聚。The cubic phase 8YSZ ([ZrO2]0.92?[Y2O3]0.08) nanopowders were synthesized by a chemical co-precipitation method combined with hydrothermal crystallization treatment. The average size of 8YSZ crystallines was in the range of 7 - 8 nm and they were softly congregated with the aggregation strength of only 20 MPa. The as-synthesized 8YSZ nanopowders exhibited high sinterabilities, and they started to rapidly thermo shrink at 1000?C and reached the maximum shrinkage rate at 1065?C. At 1200?C, the shrinkage process was basically finished. When sintered at 1000?C for 8 hrs or 1100?C for 4 hrs, the block of 8YSZ nanopowders can be basically densified, whereas the block of 8YSZ nanopowders synthesized by water- and ethanol-washed can only be basically sintered to dense at 1300?C for 10 hrs. The high sinterabilities of hydrothermal 8YSZ nanopowders are attributed to their fine crystalline size and incompact aggregation.
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