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About development of transcultural relevance

Author(s): Victoria BARAGA

Journal: Studii de Stiinta si Cultura
ISSN 1841-1401

Volume: VIII;
Issue: 4 (31);
Start page: 39;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: intelligence revolution | development of the sacred | transdisciplinarity | transculturation

Nowadays, it discusses more frequently and more acute the problem of spiritual crisis ofmodern people. A solution for removing our world from deadlock is promoted by BasarabNicolescu, french-roumanian physicist and philosopher. Basaran Nicolescu proposes the concept ofLevels of Reality, starting from researches and discoveries in quantum physics and from the logic ofquantum pshysics. The concept of Levels of Reality is implemented in the direction of the way ofsetting a trandisciplinary culture, with theory of third included and the idea of complexity. Thequantum revolution requests the intelligence revolution. According to the new evaluation ofmultiple reality, the sacred - as a primary source of our values - is rehabilitated, but released fromthe captivity of religiosity. „Trans” signifies what it is between, in and what it transcends them. Inthis case we can speak about transculturation, transreligiosity or transliterarity.
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