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Adipocytokines as Influenced by Family History of Type 2 Diabetes and Smoking in Non-Diabetic Subjects

Author(s): Nasser M. Al-Daghri | Omar S. Al-Attas | Mohammad Al-Onazi | Khalid Al-Rubeaan | Hussein Al-Najjar

Journal: Clinical Medicine : Endocrinology and Diabetes
ISSN 1178-1173

Volume: 1;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: adipocytokines | diabetes | smoking

Background: The controversial roles played by major adipocytokines such as resistin, leptin and adiponectin in obesity and insulin resistance were extensively studied. This study aims to explore for the first time the possible effect of a family history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and smoking on non-diabetic individuals and associations to other metabolic parameters.Results: In females there were significantly lower adiponectin levels among those with family history compared to those without (p 0.045); BMI and family history of type 2 diabetes contributed significantly to adiponectin levels with 43.7% variance (r2 19.1; p 0.018). In males there was a significant decrease in resistin levels of those with smoking history (p 0.05). Linear regression showed a correlation between log resistin and LDL, and ApoA1 in all subjects (p-values 007, 0.0009 and R2 0.12, 0.08 respectively).Conclusion: This study showed for the first time that among the three adipocytokines, adiponectin was the only one to exhibit variations in females alone with regard to a family history of type 2 diabetes; the rest were independent of smoking. This study supports the view that adiponectin is a potential risk marker for type 2 diabetes.

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