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黄海和东海大型底栖生物生态学研究进展 Advance of the Study on the Macrobenthos from the Yellow Sea and East China Sea

Author(s): 李新正 | 王洪法

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 80;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 黄海 | 东海 | 大型底栖生物 | 进展 | 综述 | Yellow Sea | East China Sea | Macrobenthos | Advance | Summarization

本文在收集、研究近50年来有关黄海和东海大型底栖生物生态学和生物多样性研究相关文献的基础上,对黄海和东海大型底栖生物的物种组成、优势种、生物量、丰度、群落结构、物种多样性(香农–威纳多样性指数、物种丰富度指数、均匀度指数、优势度指数)以及次级生产力进行了全面系统的概括,对已有研究成果和研究进展进行了评述和总结。本文将为黄海和东海海域进一步的大型底栖生物生态学及其变化研究和全面系统的生态系统生态学研究提供背景资料。Based on the collection and analysis of the references concerning the ecological study on the macrobenthos from the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, the advances of the study on the species composition, dominant species, biomass, abundance, structure of community, biodiversity (indices of Shannon-Wiener, species richness, species evenness and dominance) and secondary productivity of the macrobenthos from these areas were summarized, the concerning research achievements were appraised. The Jiaozhou Bay, the Changjiang River Estuary, the Taiwan Strait, and the coastal areas are the areas in where there have been more researches on the macrobenthic ecology than other areas. The researches show that the quantities of macrobenthos in these seas varied wavily during the passed 50 years, the dominant species in these areas have changed very much. The human activities, particularly the coastal developments, should be the most important impact factors to the changes of macrobenthos. The present paper can provide basic and background information for the further research on the macrobenthos from the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea and on the ecological study of the ecosystem from these seas.
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