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Advantages of Computer Intelligent Simulation on Taijiquan Teaching

Author(s): Meng Xue

Journal: TELKOMNIKA : Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering
ISSN 2302-4046

Volume: 11;
Issue: 9;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Computer Intelligent simulation | Taijiquan Teaching | Potential Components | Impact Function | Time Series

This paper firstly analyzes the advantages of computer intelligent simulation teaching. On this basis it combines with the characteristics of Taijiquan teaching. Based on the analysis of mathematic model, it applies the advantages of computer intelligent simulation in Taijiquan Teaching to further deepen and construct optimized Taijiquan teaching model based on computer intelligent simulation. It enhances the systematicness and practicality of teaching system in the field of Taijiquan teaching, which plays a great promoting role on deepening the research of Taijiquan teaching to improve learners′ technical level.  
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