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Alternatively Electricity Generation in an Automobile An Alternative Fuel

Author(s): Er. Sumit Prasad | Er. Subodh Prasad, | Er. Ashis Saxena

Journal: International Journal of Trends in Economics Management and Technology
ISSN 2321-5518

Volume: I;
Issue: VI;
Start page: 75;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Reciprocating Engine | Electric Motor | Rotor.

Need for this paper arises because of thescarcity of the crude-oil resources in our mother naturefor satisfying our multiplying demands. This paperdraws the prime attention of the authors to develop analternative mechanism, which can serve as a basis fordriving the automobile. The traditional system, which isa reciprocating engine driven by petroleum products,can be replaced by an electric motor generating samerating of power equivalent to engine. In this systemreciprocating engine is replaced by an electric motor(1hp engine 746 watt of motor), which will performthe electric work instead of mechanical work forgenerating torque required for running the vehicle.Since, there is a continuous requirementof electricity for running this motor, we need a powersource which can store electricity for a longer duration,for which the automobile wants to be drive. This ishaving a limitation which is that, the stored electricitycan run for a specific duration depending upon thepower source, so we require an alternative which canserve as a basis for continues generation of electricitywithin the working cycle of the electric motor.Technique used here for the generation of electricity isbased on low cost and easily available sources, whichare wind energy and solar energy. These two techniqueson using in a smarter and aggregate manner cangenerate sufficient amount of electricity required to runthe electric motor, and if required can charge thestoring source of electricity i.e. battery.
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