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Análise conjunta do ciclo de vida e da longevidade empresarial: um enfoque em indústria, comércio e agronegócio

Author(s): Ricardo William Pinheiro | Wendel Alex Castro Silva | Elisson Alberto Tavares Araújo

Journal: Revista de Negócios
ISSN 1980-4431

Volume: 18;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 37;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Ciclo de vida organizacional | longevidade | empresas

The study of the organizational life cycle (OLC) becomes important for companies to know what phase are located and, therefore, their strengths and weaknesses, allowing better prepare to achieve longevity. We aimed to identify in what stage of the OLC situate the industrial, commercial and agribusiness of Patrocínio/MG, based on the theoretical perspective of Adizes (1990), and what management practices of longevous enterprises, listed by Martins and Pereira (2009), these enterprises have adopted. Accordingly, there was a descriptive and quantitative, getting a sample of 38 enterprises. In the survey data, we had applied closed questionnaire, based on Adizes, with five-point Likert scale, which were analyzed by the technique of Rank Medium (MR) to check the level of agreement among respondents. It was noted that most enterprises lies in the stages of fullness and stability, and few phases of childhood and adolescence. Possibly have been in a transition to the aging period, as signals theory Adizes (1990). Those longer-lived this phase transition was perceived in a lower intensity. And these enterprises have signaled be adopting almost all management practices, as suggested by theory. We conclude that, enterprises with up to 5 years, seem to come in a phase of transition to the aging period and still do not adopt some practices of lived enterprises, demanding more attention from their managers regarding it, otherwise impair its consolidation and reduce their longevity.
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