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Analysis of the Multi-Relationships and Their Structures for Safety Culture

Author(s): Teh-Sheng Su | Pei-Ru Lin | Yi-Liang Shu | Jo-Ming Tseng | Chen-Shan Kao

Journal: Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology
ISSN 2162-5999

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 89;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Safety Culture | Safety Performance | Structure Equation Modeling

Studies on safety culture and safety performance have been increasing recently and several proposed models have been developed and evaluated to identify their key dimensions. However, many studies focus more on measuring the scales of the safety culture and safety performance dimensions. This study aims to seek a deeper understanding of the overall structures of safety culture, safety performance and their relationships by using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis along with the structural equation modeling (SEM) statistical technique, because the above-mentioned concepts and technique have been seldom employed and are uncommon in manufacturing companies, in terms of Tai-wan. We first carry out a thorough literature review and propose an integrated model of safety culture and safety per-formance with eight dimensions and four dimensions, respectively. We then state a series of hypotheses and test the proposed model on a sample of 370 valid data from three manufacturing companies in Taiwan. Results show that the third-order safety culture associated with second-order safety performance model turns out to be the desired model, where both the measured variables and latent variables have good reliability. The proposed model meets many criteria of the goodness of fit as well.

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