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Analysis of the use of international leasing in terms of improving the effectiveness of technology transfer by the example of agroindustrial complex

Author(s): O.V. Prokopenko | V.Yu. Shkola | V.A. Omelyanenko

Journal: Marketing ì Menedžment Innovacìj
ISSN 2218-4511

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 185;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: international leasing | technology | innovation | agriculture | international technology transfer | production

The aim of the article. The aim of this study is analysis of leasing transactions in the context of innovative agricultural development based on international and cross-sectoral technology transfer.The results of the analysis. Authors proved that as a result of the complexity of relationships characterized by considerable agricultural potential cross-industry technology transfer, which can be defined as the use of technology to other sectors of the economy to improve agricultural production. The presence of this potential is due to the fact that different sectors have the same problem and solve most of the same ways.Main types of technology that uses agricultural industry are analyzed, and presented expert evaluation of the use of the existing asset and its potential effect in Ukraine. Also indicated the need for international leasing technology-based evaluation of their development in Ukraine, based on patent statistics and expert opinions. The analysis showed that the majority of high technology that could potentially be implemented in the agricultural sector should be borrowed abroad.The calculation of the potential effectiveness of some high-tech foreign origin in agriculture for example medium-sized farms is shown.International leasing is characterized by significant risk of accelerated depreciation facility lease. Since the object of lease agreements often serve foods high technology industries, they are very much dependent on the impact of scientific and technological progress. Therefore, as a result of the market more efficient analog facility lease the lessee seeks to replace obsolete equipment and early termination of the lease agreement or the conclusion of the contract in the form of a renewable lease.As part of an integrated approach to agricultural development model we propose to improve the regional center for agricultural technology, making its constituent center leasing of agricultural technology. Center will, firstly, provide information on research and development and commercialization in the agricultural sector using leasing to help implement existing innovative potential and to create conditions for technology transfer, and secondly, create a feedback between the business and academic sectors. Regional agricultural technology transfer system will function most efficiently in clustering and involves working four specialized structures.At the level of institutional factors in the full realization of the innovation potential in the field of international leasing agriculture also depends on the expansion of the list of leasing contracts in law and control of the state for innovative level of imports.Conclusions and directions of further research. Agroindustrial complex is a very labor-intensive industry, which is characterized by seasonal and dependent on weather phenomena. At present, the profitability of industries Ukraine is very low, so it is necessary the restoration of assets and attract high-tech equipment that will save resources and increase network capacity resources.With effective regulation of international leasing potential lies in its innovative features, providing opportunities to increase the technological level of the real economy by enabling domestic enterprises to use not only new equipment, but modern foreign technology, using leases. International Leasing at this stage is an effective form of solutions to complex economic problems. With international leasing of all world countries cooperate with each other to yield significant benefits, particularly in the field of restoration technology.In further research is necessary to determine the mechanisms of incorporation of innovative potential in the state regulation of cross-border leasing. These actions should be based on the need to develop domestic production and sales of existing scientific and technical potential of agriculture.
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