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Applicability of situation sheet on calculating medication complexity / Aplicabilidad del estado de situación en el cálculo de complejidad de la medicación / Aplicabilidade do estado de situação no cálculo da complexidade do tratamento farmacológico em pacientes diabéticos

Author(s): Correr CJ | Melchiors AC | Rossignoli P | Fernandez-Llimos F

Journal: Seguimiento Farmacoterapéutico
ISSN 1696-1137

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 103;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Keywords: Medication Complexity Index | Pharmacotherapy follow-up | Drug use process

Assessing medication complexity may be useful to the pharmacist providing pharmacotherapy follow-up, because this allows a more accurate approach to the way a patient uses the medicines. The aim of the present stud was to evaluate the Regimen Medication Complexity Index (MRCI) in diabetic patients under pharmacotherapy follow-up, and also the applicability of the situation sheet by Aguas et al. as information source on the process of use of medicines. Results showed that, considering situation sheet as the only source, it was no possible to precisely calculate medication complexity. This indicates that the current form of the situation sheet may be improved in some issues on recording medication process of use, specially regarding the use with meals or at specific hours. To meet these necessities, some modifications to the original form are proposed.
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