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An Application of the Fuzzy Cognitive Mappings to Study about the Problems Faced by the Sports Students in Colleges

Author(s): S. Dhanaseka

Journal: Bonfring International Journal of Software Engineering and Soft Computing
ISSN 2250-1045

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 01;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps | Hidden Pattern | Fixed Cycles | Path | Graph Theory

In this paper we study about the problems faced by sports students in colleges using Fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) a well established Artificial Intelligence technique that incorporates ideas from Neural networks and Fuzzy Logic. FCM create models as collections of concepts and the various causal relations that exist between these concepts .The decision capabilities of the FCM structure are examined and a model developed based on the beliefs of a domain expert. The model is examined by both statically using graph theory concepts and dynamically through simulations.

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