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Applied Geological Studies of Some Sinai, Egypt Ore Deposits to Utilized as Extender Pigments for Paint Manufacture

Author(s): M. AW. Gaber | I.M. Hassanien

Journal: Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development
ISSN 1925-542X

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 66;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Field geology | Paint pigment | Extender pigment | Microscopic studies | X-ray analysis | Chemical analysis | Sinai | Egypt

In this present study an investigation is carried out to search for the appropriate local substitutes for the imported paint pigments, samples collected from North, Central and South Sinai includes white sand, coal, quartz, kaolin, gypsum, limestone, chalk. The collected specimens were crushed and ground to powder varying in size between “5-50 um” for testing using laboratory mill. Several laboratory tests were accomplished to identify and evaluate the decorative and protective paint pigment including specific gravity, moisture content, pH value, oil absorption, x-Ray analysis, microscopic studies and others to prove that the selected local ores possess the required characteristics for pigments that can be utilized in producing the paint material in Egypt. The study indicates that the following local ores can be utilized as extender pigments to produce paint materials “calcium carbonate of south Sinai, white sand of Um Bogma, and gypsum of Ras Malaab. The estimated reserves of the studded ores give an indication of presence the sufficient quantities for stream production of the some paint pigments needed for Egyptian market. Key words: Field geology; Paint pigment; Extender pigment; Microscopic studies; X-ray analysis; Chemical analysis; Sinai; Egypt
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